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Word Doc DiffTM Revison History

(File Compare Software)

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  • Windows Server 2016 (beta) Compatibility. See Version (4.00 December 1st 2015). It is important upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Compatibility. See Version (4.00 December 1st 2015). It is important upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 10 Compatibility. See Version (4.00 December 1st 2015). It is important to upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 8.1 Compatibility. See Version (4.00 December 1st 2015). It is important to upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • File Comparison highlighting greatly enhanced, errors removed. (version 7.2) If you haven't upgraded in a while, it is highly recommended you do so with this version or greater.

  • Windows 8 Compatibility (version 3.00)

  • Windows 7 Compatibility (version  3.00)

4.00 (12/4/2015)

  • Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1) Compatibility modifications completed. Please upgrade if you haven't done so already. This version will be much more reliable on the latest operating systems

3.00 (9/12/2014)

  • Installation fixed for Windows 7, 8 and above.

  • Help file updated

  • Compare Files: Default report now appropriately located in the %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\WordDocDiff\ folder

  • Compare Folders: Default report now appropriately located in the %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\WordDocDiff\ folder

  • General: The %AppData% folder is now being used for temporary files used by the software.

2.46 to 2.48 (2/16/2010)

  • Trial extension update.

2.44 to 2.46 (1/24/2008)

  • Command line was failing. This should now work fine.

2.42 to 2.44 (12/7/2006)

  • Changed temporary file from system folder to application folder to avoid rights issues


2.40 to 2.42 (2/6/2004)

  • Associated TMP with files that can be opened with MS Word. This will allow source code and document management programs such as MKS to open and compare this files properly.


2.38 to 2.40 (11/8/2003)

  • Concurrent user issue in 'Diff Doc' fixed. 

  • Registration code updated.


2.37 to 2.38 (9/26/2003)

  • When registering WordDocDiff, an error would occur.  This has been eliminated.


2.36 to 2.37 (9/8/2003)

  • Documentation Updated.


2.32 to 2.36 (7/21/2003)

  • PDF files that are password protected are now correctly reported as such


2.31 to 2.32 (4/21/2003)

  • WorldDox now supported (*.BKx) files now recognized as MS Word Files. Click here for details

  • Using PDFX component


2.28 to 2.31 (4/1/2003)

  • WordDocDiff and 'Diff Doc' can simultaneously be registered.


2.28 to 2.30 (3/12/2003)

  • PDF File Comparison enhanced.


2.25 to 2.28 (2/08/2003)

  • PDF File Comparison now available.


2.24 to 2.25 (12/09/2002)

  • Deletions are now shown as struck through blue.  Changes are shown in red, underline new, struck through old. This will allow for legible black and white printable reports.


2.23 to 2.24 (12/06/2002)

  • Command line fixed for long path names with double quotes

  • Mini-Diff Tool no longer crashes


2.22 to 2.23 (10/19/2002)

  • Comparing of Huge blocks of text now works properly.  Scrolling was an issue before.

  • Comparing of directories with "." a period in it did not show up

  • Selecting directories is much faster


2.21 to 2.22 (8/14/2002)

  • Navigation/highlighting of differences: greatly enhanced the speed.

2.20 to 2.21 (8/1/2002)

  • Mini-Diff tool added

  • Command line will now accept to files as arguments without /s and /m switch allowing for easy use with 3rd party tools (i.e. WinCVS)


2.19 to 2.20 (7/1/2002)

  • Row Swapping allowed to adjust comparison report

  • Specified specific rows to compare feature added

  • You can now use the up/down arrow keys to select a portion of the text.


2.18 to 2.19 (6/13/2002)

  • Row Alignment added to assist in comparing documents that require shifting either the source or master file

2.17 to 2.18 (6/05/2002)

  • Special characters were missing in the HTML report. Fixed.


2.16 to 2.17 (5/28/2002) [Upgrade Required]

  • File comparison highly streamlined and therefore much faster

  • Show Report Only option added to Compare Files Options dialog (much faster for extra large files)

  • CSV Files now compare correctly

  • Multiple Excel Sheets can now be compared at one time (concatenation)

  • Directory compare scroll bar now tracks with movement, and doesn't flicker when being updated


2.15 to 2.16 (5/5/2002)

  • Enhanced speed of file comparison and report creation greatly

  • HTML Report creation, Title can now be specified

  • HTML Comparison can now be done by text or source

  • Simplified registration process


2.14 to 2.15 (4/8/2002)

  • WordPerfect (*.WPD) Now supported.  Be sure to follow these steps (Click Here).

2.13 to 2.14 (4/3/2002)

  • Find Text In Files now shows full string context

  • Deletions were not being shown completely correct in the All In One HTML report.

  • Comparison of Excel files whose values had comma's in them caused a mismatch.


2.12 to 2.13 (3/30/2002)

  • Swap Master and Source files added

  • Drop down list box added to help navigate changes

  • Highlight difference when mouse over source file now works properly

  • Next and Previous no longer skip over minor changes

  • Some differences were not being displayed in the All In One view, fixed.

  • Added Popup menu items to all screens


2.11 to 2.12 (3/27/2002)

  • Wait mouse icon now shows up more appropriately

  • Deletions in the All In One View were not being shown properly

  • CSV Files now compare as nicely as XLS

  • The view of the highlighted change comes in full view properly, not hiding any of the text.


2.10 to 2.11 (3/24/2002)

  • Compare Excel files can now do either Formulas Or Values

  • Compare Excel files can now specify rows and columns for both master and source sheets

  • Compare Excel files now ignores empty fields at the ends of rows

  • Compare Excel files now can show details of individual cell changes

  • Compare Excel files now can ignore empty rows, assisting in synchronizing the comparison.


2.09 to 2.10 (3/7/2002)

  • Added Ignore Blank Lines in file comparison options to help sync file compares

  • All In One HTML Reports now available

  • Conversion of Excel documents was not always showing up due to a timing issue

  • First display of difference hid some of the text in the Source file when viewing Side By Side.

  • Help File now comes up without requiring a search for it


2.08 to 2.09 (3/5/2002)

  • Command Line execution implemented (allowing for 3rd party version control applications to be expanded).

2.07 to 2.08 (2/28/2002)

  • All In One (also known as "Red Lining") display now available for File Comparison.  This compliments the existing "Side By Side" comparison currently in place.

  • Directory Comparison: Speed enhanced by allowing users to bypass comparing of file content, and use time stamp and file size as similar criteria


2.06 to 2.07 (1/28/2002)

  • Detailed HTML Reports now possible allowing of printing and e-mailing results quickly

  • Excel sheet number can now be specified for master and source file

  • Default report file name and path can now be specified
  • The following file types can now also be compared 
    • (*.ASC) MS Dos Text with Layout 
    • (*.ANS) Text With Layout 
    • (*.MCW) Word For Macintosh 
    • (*.WPS) Works for Windows


2.05 to 2.06 (1/10/2002)

  • Paragraph differences are detailed to a great degree...finally!

  • Row Sizing now fixed


2.04 to 2.05 (12/28/2001)

  • RTF and HTML format now can be compared

  • Text can be copied in file compare window
  • Font for File compare now persistent


2.03 to 2.04 (12/01/2001)

  • Go To Difference number implemented

  • Toolbar buttons now grey out (disabled) nicely
  • Fonts Name and Size etc. are implemented and persisted.
  • Hot key conflicts resolved
  • Empty file comparison caused fault
  • Line numbers now displayed
  • Current difference is now highlighted


2.02 to 2.03 (11/15/2001)

  • NT4.0 Installation and other installation issues resolved

  • Sizing of forms sometimes caused faults when legend was displayed
  • "Compare Files" and "Find Text In Files" - Selection of Files not enabled when browsing
  • Viewing legend at inappropriate times caused a fault
  • "Compare Files" is significantly faster when comparing text files.


2.01 to 2.02 (11/14/2001)

  • "Find Text In Files" Feature Now highlights hit line

  • "Find Text In Files" Feature displays files with tabs properly
  • "Find Text In Files" Now does word wrapping so all is seen
  • "Find Text In Files" Text no longer hidden when vertical scrollbars popup.
  • "Compare Files" - Text no longer hidden when vertical scrollbars popup.
  • Enhanced GUI for multiple document interface
  • Shutting down of application is much quicker 
  • Clicking on "First", "Last", "Next", or "Previous" Difference in Compare Files no longer crashes when pressed before any file compare was done.
  • Beep when done option implemented and persisted
  • Switching forms with the main toolbar doesn't take a huge amount of time when switching to Compare Files form.
  • Legend position adjustment added.


1.62 to 2.01 (11/12/2001)

  • Added "Find Text In Files" Feature

  • Enhanced GUI for multiple document interface
  • Quick keys added including Refresh (F5)
  • More reporting options
  • Application and Form persistence enhanced


1.60 to 1.62 (11/10/2001)

  • Added ability to print a report of the file comparison results

  • Added ability to handle Excel files (*.XLS)
  • File existence checked before comparison executed