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Converting from PDF to DOC/RTF/etc. the Chinese, Japanese ideograms and Russian characters fonts are lost.

Install the Japanese, Chinese language packs from Microsoft onto your operating system. Installing the Arial Unicode MS font on the machine for example when converting PDF -> RTF/DOC enables the Chinese, Japanese ideograms and Russian characters.

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When Converting using the 'Convert Doc' method, the output PDF spacing between paragraphs is off.

For 'Convert Doc' version 4.62 (3/31/2011) and above, there is one undocumented setting you can try. Add the following line immediately below [frmMain] within the CD_SearchHistory.INI file:


To get it back to the original setting, you can change the line above to:



Another thing to try if your main issue is not getting everything on one page and the above doesn't work is: Run the user interface, click on the Advanced Options button and enable the Enforce Page and Document Settings option. Then try decreasing the top and bottom margins.

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Images are lost when converting to other formats

If you are working with MS Word documents, the images may be OLE objects, and not truly images.  Please insert the images as images and it will work fine.

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How Do I convert WordPerfect Documents, or other document types, it doesn't really convert them.

To convert Wordperfect for example, first select the 'MS Word' conversion method.  Now, be sure that MS Word is installed and that you can open the file type you want to convert within MS Word.  Typically WordPerfect cannot immediately open within MS Word without first installing the necessary file filter.  You can remedy this problem by simply opening up the document type in question within Word.  Word will prompt you to install the necessary module.  Also, you can run the installation for MS Office and add the necessary file filters for MS Word.

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Can I get an ERRORLEVEL or ERRORCODE when using the command line?

Yes, you can. Use the /P switch to get an error code. Here is a sample batch file.

@Echo off
Set CD="C:\Program Files\Softinterface, Inc\ConvertDoc\ConvertDoc.EXE"

%CD% /S C:\in\simple.txt /S "C:\in\Simple.docx" /T "C:\in\Simple.htm" /M2 /F13 /C4 /L "C:\in\LOG-FILE.LOG" /P

ECHO. The current errorlevel is %ERRORLEVEL%


ECHO Success!
Goto Label_CLEANUP



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Fonts Are not being preserved during conversion

If there are any printers installed on the system, the font list will come from the printer that is setup as the default printer.

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Any other known bugs or Issues?

See Revisions above for version to version details.  Also, Please submit a bug if you find one.

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I get the following error when I run from the command line

"'ConvertDoc' is not recognized  as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

Important: To use the command line successfully you must do one of the following:

A)    (Preferred method) Specify the full path to the executable. For example:

"c:\program files\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Doc\ConvertDoc.EXE" /J"D:\My Conversion Job Files\AcctBatch.SII"

Alternatively if using a batch file you might try something like this:

set ConvertDoc ="c:\program files\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Doc\ConvertDoc.EXE"

%ConvertDoc% /J"D:\My Conversion Job Files\AcctBatch.SII"

B)    Set the path in your environment variables to the location of ConvertDoc.EXE

Otherwise, you'll see the following error:

"'ConvertDoc' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

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The PDF I Created doesn't look good in Acrobat

It may be that your version of Acrobat is version 4 or older.

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Are there limitations to converting HTML Tables?

A single row in an table cannot have more than 64,000 characters.

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MS Word displays a dialog box during a conversion.
Note: This only applies to the 'MS Word' conversion method. The 'Convert Doc' method does not require MS Word. 
Despite our best efforts to suppress dialog boxes, MS Word sometimes insists on showing them. Below is an example showing how this might appear:
MS Word Error Message

To resolve this issue you can optionally run a separate utility application to watch for this dialog box and close it.  AutoHotKey, an open source utility, makes a perfect tool for creating such an application. You should only implement this app in cases where MS Word is being used exclusively by 'Convert Doc'. Here is the script for AutoHotKey that would do exactly what is needed in this case:

SetTimer, MsgBoxCheck, 10
DetectHiddenText, on

If WinExist("Microsoft Word")
WinWait, Microsoft Word,
IfWinNotActive, Microsoft Word, , WinActivate, Microsoft Word,
WinWaitActive, Microsoft Word,

A compiled version of this script is available in the installation folder, look for \HelperApps\CloseWordDialogBox.exe. The AutoHotKey script is also there, CloseWordDialogBox.AHK

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