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What Version of PDF does your software generate?

There are several generations of the PDF format.  For example, version 1.5 was released with Adobe Acrobat v6.0.  Convert Image to PDF uses the previous generation (v1.4).  There are very few changes to the version 1.5, but some are quite significant.   We do not plan on changing to the v1.5 PDF format for a couple of reasons.  The first is that the imaging portion of the PDF format has only changed slightly in version 1.5.  The most notable change is that they've added support for JPEG 2000.   The second major change in the PDF format is a new compression algorithm they developed. It is mainly a text compression routine.  This is the first version of the PDF format that is NOT backwards compatible.  All other versions (1.0-1.4) can be viewed or printed in many of their Acrobat Reader programs.  If this compression is used, the end viewer must be Acrobat Reader v6.0 or above.
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When Converting using the 'Convert Doc' method, the output PDF spacing between paragraphs is off.

For 'Convert Document to Image' version 3.01 (6/1/2012) and above, there is one undocumented setting you can try. Add the following line immediately below [frmMain] within the CDTI_SearchHistory.INI file:


To get it back to the original setting, you can change the line above to:



Another thing to try if your main issue is not getting everything on one page and the above doesn't work is: Run the user interface, click on the Advanced Options button and enable the Enforce Page and Document Settings option. Then try decreasing the top and bottom margins.
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Can I get an ERRORLEVEL or ERRORCODE when using the command line?

Yes, you can. Use the /P switch to get an error code. Here is a sample batch file.

@Echo off
Set CDTI="C:\Program Files\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Document To Image\CDTI.EXE"

%CDTI% /S C:\in\simple.docx /T "C:\in\DELME\Out.JPG" /1 * /4 100 /L "C:\in\LOG-FILE.LOG" /P

ECHO. The current errorlevel is %ERRORLEVEL%


ECHO Success!
Goto Label_CLEANUP



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After Conversion to a PDF, and while viewing the PDF in Adobe, a message pops up asking to check for upgrades

Note: Our tool does not require 3rd party products such as Adobe's for the conversion. The message box that is popping up is generated by Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It occasionally checks the internet for updates to itself.    This message is shown because it is illegal to send any information over the internet without the user's permission.  Disable this message by opening Acrobat Reader and selecting Edit -> Preferences from the menu at the top.  In the new window, select Update.  On the options that appear on the right, select "Manually" in the Check for Updates box.
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Any other known bugs or Issues?

See Revisions above for version to version details.  Also, Please submit a bug if you find one.
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