'Convert Doc' Change History

Document Conversion Utility PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF, HTM


Major Upgrades

  • Moving licenses between PCs on Windows 11 and greater was resolved: Version 18.2, June 2023

  • Certified Office 2022 compatibility, app load time reduced: Version 18.0, January 2023

  • Certified Windows 11 compatibility: Version 17.5, February 2022

  • Office 2019 and latest version of Office 365 compatibility: Version 13.0, October 2018

  • User interface completely updated. Fonts are now 25% bigger. Version 11.60, March  2017

  • Windows Server 2016 (beta) Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 9.71 December 13th 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 9.71 December 13th 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 10 Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 9.83, 9.71 December 13th 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 8.1 Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 9.71 December 13th 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer. 

  • Office 2016 Compatibility: Version 9.50  October 16th, 2015

  • Windows 8 Compatibility. Versions (8.20, 8.30, 8.40-8.67 October 17th 2013)

  • Office 2013 Compatibility. Versions (11.01, 7.40, 7.60 January 10th, 2013)

  • Office 2016 Compatibility. Version (11.01 November 11th, 2016)

  • Digital signatures for PDFs now supported. Version 7.01 April 13, 2012

  • Windows 7 Compatibility. See versions (6.00-6.12, 6.36, 8.20, 8.50-8.67 August 9th 2010)

Detailed Change History

19.0 (5/8/2024)

  • DOCX Conversion: Now more robust. Character styles were being lost
  • Converting from RTF: Paragraph frame sometimes missing
  • Converting from RTF: Incorrect paragraph formatting of the last paragraph
  • Converting to RTF: Error occurred when rtf contained barcode symbology (sometimes referred to as 'Code 128' font)

18.20 (6/6/2023)

  • Moving a licenses between two computers with Windows 11 was failing.

18.10 (1/3/2023)

  • Application load time reduced. The number of input/output files within the drop down list box was reduced from 10 to 6 for faster load times. Scheduling form job source most recently used list was reduced from 20 to 10.

18.00 (1/3/2023)

  • Office 2022 compatibility completed. Note: Office 2022 was released at the same time as Windows 11.

17.60 (12/07/2022)

  • Documentation updated for accuracy and completeness.

17.50 (2/06/2022)

  • Certified Windows 11 compatibility

17.00 (12/07/2021)

  • A helper application has now been included to assist in an issue that rarely occurs. See this FAQ item for details.

16.42 (6/23/2021)

  • When selecting certain user interface controls, the user interface would hide the Advanced Options button. An Options button has been added for those times when advanced options do not apply.

16.30 (6/7/2021)

  • (Beta) New command line switch added. /- For those wanting to try without thread-safe guards use this switch.

16.20 (2/9/2021)

  • When converting from PDF to DOCX  and specifying not to use MS Word (by changing the following ini file entry: bUseMSWordToGoFromRTFtoDOCX=FALSE ) MS Word was still being loaded. Version 16.20 no longer loads MS Word.

16.10 (12/11/2020)

  • Registration issue resolved. Users who are attempting to upgrade options (e.g. Server upgrade) and already had registered all users were running into problems. The newly purchased options were not being implemented.

16.00 (10/30/2020)

  • Sample batch files had incorrectly referenced the incorrect URL for further examples.
  • These sample batch files have been updated for clarity also.
  • Sample batch files are available in this folder after installation:

  • %appdata%\SoftInterface, Inc\Convert Doc\Demo Batch Files\

15.253 (2/6/2020)

  • Documentation updated for accuracy.
  • Tutorial Videos updated. Now hosted on YouTube as a watch list.

15.01 (8/21/2019)

  • Converting HTML to Doc/DocX: When viewing output file in MS Word, spell checking only flagged original content and not content added to the word doc.
  • Converting HTML: Text may be hidden if left indent is set with 'margin-left' within the html.
  • Converting to HTML: Redundant formatting info was being created.
  • Converting RTF: Paragraph frame missing
  • Converting RTF: Made more robust
  • Converting HTML: Large images were causing width/height issues
  • Converting HTML: Extra-long text content within the body tag causes error

14.50 (5/28/2019)

  • Language file update: Brazilian-Portuguese

14.40 (3/8/2019)

  • User interface: Language selection dialog had a bug. Closing using the top right 'control box' we cause app to revert to English.

14.00 (1/30/2019)

  • Some Word files were unable to be converted to PDF. This issue began with version 12.60.

13.00 (10/29/2018)

  • Office 2019 compatibility. Latest version of Office 365 compatibility.
  • When using Word to do conversions or special processes: More user friendly error messages are being created to assist users with faulty Word/Office installations.
  • Documentation updated to show videos properly

12.70 (4/18/2018)

  • DOCX Conversion: Now more robust.
  • DOCX conversion: Character styles are lost
  • RTF Conversion: Incorrect paragraph formatting of the last paragraph
  • Conversion to RTF: Error occurred when file contained 'Code 128' font
  • Conversion to/from HTML: Last paragraph sign always contains default font (12 pt. Arial)

12.60 (3/22/2018)

  • Command Line: Using /L{Log File} switch created an extra output log file.

12.50 (1/9/2018)

  • NOTE: This version now requires the following operating systems (or newer): Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows XP
  • Converting DOCX to HTML: Invalid xhtml created
  • Converting HTML: Incorrectly nested meta tags within <TR> tag caused problems.
  • Converting HTML: Loading HTML stalls application
  • Converting RTF: Better handling of illegal tab stop locations
  • Converting RTF: Incorrect symbol characters/font
  • Converting to HTML: Paragraph colored borders and background colors were not being retained.
  • Converting to PDF: Wrong ligatures
  • Conversion of docs with Images: Image was shown at top border of doc if located inside a read only application field
  • Log file specified in command line now may have date time attributes. See version 10.00 below for a list of attributes.

11.60 (3/23/2017)

  • User interface completely updated. Fonts are now 25% bigger. This is great for those using bigger monitors.

11.50 (3/8/2017)

  • If images were in header/footer, they would remain in the output file even though "Embed Images Into Output" option was not enabled.

11.40 (1/23/2017)

  • Command line /? switch now works. Help file was shutting down, now opens equivalent URL.

11.30 (12/13/2016)

  • Documentation updated: 'Convert Doc' On-line documentation now responsive to the device and user friendly.
  • Documentation updated: Local help file now remembers size and position of last run.

11.20 (12/5/2016)

  • Converting a document containing odd & even headers/footers wouldn't convert.

  • Converting RTF: Some very special cases caused an error.

  • Converting RTF: Improperly formatted RTF files would result in lost document data.

  • Converting to RTF: In special case, section break was missing.

  • Converting HTML: Transparency (Alpha value) wouldn't convert properly.

  • Converting HTML: Tables with rowspan attribute spanning multiple text blocks caused wouldn't convert.

  • Converting HTML: Files with very large images created an out of memory issue.

  • Converting HTML: An extra paragraph is created in files with very long textual content.

  • Converting HTML: The + character was changed to a space character if it is part of a URL.

  • Converting HTML: Parameters were being removed from URLs.

  • Converting HTML: Nested block quotes were not supported.

  • Converting HTML: Symbol font in style attribute of UL/OL tag was overwriting list item fonts.

  • Converting DOC: Some very special cases caused an error.

  • Converting DOCX: Some very special cases caused an error.

  • Converting DOCX: If there was a paragraph indentation on first line then issues with style properties being correctly inherited occurred.

11.10 (11/23/2016)

  • Installation was enhanced to allow for wrapping application within a service.

11.01 (11/16/2016)

  • When converting from DOC to DOCX the resulting output file was in 'Compatibility Mode' when viewed within MS Word. This seems to have only been an issue for those using the MS Word method, where the installed version of MS Office is 2013 or greater.

10.30 (8/9/2016)

  • Chinese language file added.

10.20 (7/21/2016)

  • Special Process 50, 55 and 56 did not recognize docx file type.

10.16 (5/23/2016)

  • English: Documentation professionally reviewed and edited.

10.10 (2/12/2016)

  • Skip INPUT files already processed (i.e. Do not overwrite existing Output files)  implemented in the File\Options menu item. Any input file that has an associated output file that exists will not be processed when this feature is enabled. This is useful for processing the same folder repeatedly while not converting files that have already been done.

10.06 (12/28/2015)

  • Error 21 resolved.

10.04 (12/15/2015)

  • Documentation updated. Wildcards " and *, as well as date/time fields better explained.

10.03 (12/14/2015)

  • During registration, the "Register Now" button sometimes did nothing.

10.00 (12/13/2015) from 9.82 (12/10/2015)

  • Addressed several application stability issues.

  • Critical update. Windows 10 Compatibility. Do not use Windows 10 with a version earlier than 10.00.

  • In the File\Options menu item you can now specify to not overwrite the OUTPUT file when specifying the INPUT file.

  • You can now specify input files better with wild cards * and ?. For example: C:\Input\Prefix*.TXT or C:\Input\*Post.TXT will now work. Also ???.TXT will work.

9.80-9.81 (12/2/2015)

  • Move INPUT file to folder option no longer requires the output folder to exist at the time you set this up.
  • Move INPUT file to folder option will incorporate the same enhancements for using Date-Time fields as described next.
  • OUTPUT file/folder names can now have date and time attributes associated with it. The following are now recognized:

[YMD] - Date in the format YYYYMMDD (year, month, day)
[MDY] - Date in the format MMDDYYYY (day, month, year)
[Y] - Year in the format YYYY
[M] - Month in the format MM
[D] - Day in the format DD
[HIS] - time in the format hhmmss (hour, minute, second)
[H] - Hour in the format hh
[I] - Minute in the format mm
[S] - Second in the format ss

Example 1:

   Date: December 16th, 2015.

   Input file = abcd.txt

   Output file = C:\foldername\abcd-[M]-[D]-[Y].pdf

   Result = This file is created: C:\foldername\abcd-12-16-2015.pdf

Example 2:

   Date: April 3rd, 2016.

   Input file = abcd.txt

   Output file = C:\foldername-[YMD]\abcd-[M]-[D]-[Y].pdf

   Result = This file is created: C:\foldername-20160403\abcd-12-16-2015.pdf


9.71 (12/1/2015)

  • Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1) Compatibility modifications completed. Please upgrade if you haven't done so already. This version will be much more reliable on the latest operating systems.

9.70 (11/12/2015)

  • Converting to HTML: If images were exported as separate files they had no file extension.
  • Converting to HTML: If the font is Arial (12pt) the formatting was lost
  • Converting from HTML: Custom html file was causing issues.
  • Converting from HTML: Soft hyphens were being considered a dash character.
  • DOC->DOCX Conversion: Custom document caused issues.
  • Converting DOCX: Custom DOCX file caused an error.
  • Converting DOC: Custom document file caused an error.
  • Converting RTF: Custom document was causing an error.

9.50 (10/16/2015)

  • Office 2016 compatibility done.

9.30 (7/13/2015)

  • Added ability to preserve time stamp to output file. See the File\Options menu item

9.20 (7/2/2015)

  • Conversion: Some TIF files within input files was not converting.
  • Conversion of HTML: Enhancements were made.
  • Conversion of DOC: Enhancements were made.
  • Conversion of RTF: Text was always behind objects in headers/footers

9.10 (2/17/2015)

  • PDF Conversion algorithm upgraded to handle a wider variety of PDFs

9.06 (1/14/2015)

  • Output file names were defaulting to lower case, instead of what the user typed in.


9.0 (12/09/2014)

Conversion of DOC/DOCX: If the input file had MS WordArt graphic an error occurred.
Conversion of DOC/DOCX: Text was missing within numbered structured list levels.
Conversion of DOCX/DOC/RTF: Certain input files created more pages in the output file than expected.
Conversion of HTML: Attribute 'rules' on table tag could cause a problem.
Conversion of HTML: If a file had a missing image an error would occur.
Conversion of HTML: If there was a STYLE element in TBODY can cause a crash.
Conversion of HTML: Image Alt Text: If there was a Line feed character within the text an error occurred.
Conversion of HTML: Indents for lists are not imported.
Conversion of HTML: Lists had wrong indentation.
Conversion of HTML: Specific HTML documents cause exceptions.
Conversion of HTML: Table cells containing PRE tags can caused an error.
Conversion of HTML: Tags whose name was 'image' cause problems.
Conversion of HTML: Too many bullet points were showing up with an unordered list.
Conversion of HTML: Unknown markup declarations caused problems.
Conversion of HTML: URLS from Https was not being loaded.
Conversion of RTF: Documents containing fixed objects in footer or first page header were unable to load.
Conversion of RTF: Header and Footer distance values were showing up incorrectly.
Conversion of RTF: Wrong font specified at begin of main document under special circumstances.
Conversion of RTF: Wrong page formatting issue.
Conversion to DOCX, DOC, RTF: Tables were missing.
Conversion to DOCX: Hyperlinks with hash sign (#) didn't work.
Conversion to DOCX: MS Word Content Controls caused an error.
Conversion to DOCX: Paragraphs were shifting, and table boarders were missing
Conversion to HTML: Docs containing a large amount of tables can cause an error.
Conversion to HTML: Font size info is not converted in some cases.
Conversion to HTML: If a bulleted list exists in the input file a large space above list was produced.
Conversion to HTML: Pound sign #, within URL was being encoded.
Conversion to HTML: Text within a list, colors is not properly exported.
Conversion to PDF: Export of images did not work in all cases (Lossy).
Conversion to PDF: Hyperlinks after SPACE characters may not show up in output file.
Conversion to PDF: Missing hyperlinks.
Conversion to PDF: Table header is not exported to PDF.
Conversion to RTF: Numbered list values were incorrect.
Conversion: Documents containing a section break within a table caused an error.
Conversion: Errors occurred when image source urls did not have a file extension.
Conversion: UNC path was not able to be used for exporting images.
Conversion: URLs to images returning an error page instead of image data was not ignored.

8.6953 (11/06/2014)

  • Japanese help file updated for latest web browsers.
  • Japanese help file now uses CHM help file instead of using web based help. This will make it much quicker.

8.68 (10/16/2014)

  • When adding the first conversion item, the user interface now selects the just added item in the 'Conversion Task List'. This allows for modifying the just added item with the Update button. Previously, a user would have to manually click the just added row to modify it. This is much more user friendly.

8.67 (8/21/2014)

  • Documentation updated to reflect recent enhancements
  • Languages folder has been moved to the %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\ folder.

8.66 (8/8/2014)

  • Application default font set to Tahoma. In some instances of Windows 7 (perhaps 8.x) the default font "MS Sans Serif" was installed but not the smaller type fonts. This resulted in a user interface with text much too large.

8.50 (7/11/2014)

  • Application prevents user from writing to operating system protected folders
  • Application loads and exits faster now. Needless startup and shut down items removed.
  • User interface: The 'Conversion Task List' grid now auto-sizes the Input and Output file columns making it much easier to see everything.
  • User interface: The LOG displays much better now that the table auto-sizes allowing for the viewing of the error/warning.
  • User interface: CTRL-TAB and (SHIFT-CTRL-TAB) now works for Tabbed items within dialog boxes.
  • If a 'Conversion Job' file (e.g. *.SII) has #OPEN.SII at the end of the filename then the 'conversion job' will only be opened for editing and not executed when chosen from Windows Explorer. For example a file named c:\MyJobs\WorkingOnThis#OPEN.SII  will open within the user interface when double clicked. Without the #OPEN.SII the 'Conversion Job' file will execute as before.
  • User interface: Adjusted user interface to handle Windows 7 64 bit default font size
  • User interface: When opening a conversion Job file, the default folder will initially be %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Doc\
  • Demonstration 'Conversion Job' files are now installed in %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Doc\  folder.
  • Users can specify the following in the program and command line:






8.40  (5/29/2014)

  • Manual updated
  • Version number now shown when launching application.
  • Windows 8 Installation - Removed excess icons in the Start menu.

8.30 (11/18/2013)

  • Registration upgraded to handle Windows 8.

8.21  (10/24/2013)

  • If the program was closed while the size was maximized to the screen the software would not re-open. This was introduced in version 8.20.

8.20 (10/17/2013)

  • Installation upgraded to handle Windows 8 and Windows 7.

8.00 (8/5/2013)

  • Documentation/Help completely reviewed and updated for accuracy.
  • Image import enhanced.
  • Conversion from HTML enhanced.
  • Converting to HTML enhanced.
  • Conversion to DOC, DOCX, RTF: tables were missing on extremely rare circumstances.

7.77 (6/17/2013)

  • Documentation/Help updated to new format. Chrome now works properly for html web based help.

7.76 (5/30/2013)

  • Selecting the INPUT or OUTPUT folder. When the asterisk was used, the program would always start the selection at the root ("computer") instead of the path last chosen. This is now resolved allowing for quick file/folder selection.

7.70 (5/14/2013)

  • Conversion of RTF using MS Word method: More pages were being created in the output than in the input file.

7.66 (4/18/2013)

  • Command line: Using MS Word conversion method, /C15 is now allowed for DOTM output file type.

7.60 (1/10/2013)

  • Conversion to PDF using MS Word method: Was failing beginning with Office 2013

7.50 (10/26/2012)

  • Converting to PDF: EMF Data was duplicated for interpolated images
  • Conversion of HTML: Table header is not shown on the next page
  • Conversion of HTML: Maximum text length inside tables increased
  • Conversion of HTML: Paragraph formatting doesn't override paragraph style

7.40 (10/9/2012)

  • Compatibility with Office 2013
  • Conversion using 'MS Word' method: PDF's can now be converted with the MS Word method.
        Three new OUTPUT file types are available:

              [24] Strict Open XML Document (docx) [Requires office 2013 or greater]

              [9] Single File Web Page (*.mht)

              [10] HTML Filtered (*.htm)

7.30 (9/7/2012)

  • Converting to: RTF, DOC, or DOCX: Incorrect character formatting of a number in a numbered list.
  • Converting from: RTF, DOC, or DOCX: Incorrect wrapping style for objects behind text.
  • Conversion from RTF: If there was text between two tables this text was sometimes incorrectly placed.
  • Conversion from HTML: Some DIVs tags which should be have been converted to text frames were imported as plain paragraphs.
  • Conversion to HTML: When using inline styles certain html elements were lost.
  • Conversion of Word documents: Enhancements made
  • Conversion: For the first line of text, image text wrapping wasn't working.

7.20 (8/9/2012)

  • The EMF image type is now supported.
  • Conversion of DOCX. WMF files now handled properly. Formatting better
  • Conversion to HTML: INPUT files with Kanji support enhanced.
  • Conversion from HTML: Numerous enhancements and fixes.
    • A DIV tag with an empty style attribute caused an issue.
    • Widths of images was not being considered when dealing with table cell widths
    • Invalid control characters encoded as characters entries are now removed
    • base64 encoded images with line breaks caused an issue
    • Some DIVs were being converted to text frames
    • Tables with superfluous COL elements caused an issue
  • Converting to PDF: Some INPUT files caused memory overuse
  • Conversion to RTF: Some minor bug fixes.
  • Conversion from RTF: Some minor bug fixes.
    • Colors not matching
    • Enhanced RTF importing
  • Some TIFs with bi-levels were being incorrectly converted.

7.15 (7/30/2012)

  • Conversion Items may now be moved within the 'Conversion Task List'. Select the CONVERSION menu item or the RIGHT MOUSE CLICK to open a pop-up menu item. Move UP, DOWN, FIRST, and LAST are now available. CTRL-U and CTRL-D also move a conversion item up and down respectively.
  • Users may now be asked to save the 'Conversion Job' file if they are exiting, loading an existing 'Conversion Job' file, or requesting to create a new 'Conversion Job'. If there is no 'conversion job' file at the time, there must be at least 2 conversion items in the 'Conversion job' to be asked to save. Users will not be asked to save if they've loaded a 'Conversion Job' and haven't modified it.

7.05 (6/14/2012)

  • Command Line: If the regional settings were not English, running the software for the first time would prompt the language selection form. This has been resolved.

7.03 (5/21/2012)

  • Command Line: A time stamp will be put in the log file (if /L is specified).

7.02 (5/8/2012)

  • Converting of DOC/DOCX: NUMPAGES field wasn't always updated correctly.

7.01 (4/13/2012)

  • PDFs can now be digitally signed (X.509)
  • Conversion of html files will utilize parsing rules described in the W3C HTML5 specification.
  • For html files, users may find they must install additional files (see FAQ)

6.6 (1/25/2011)

  • Italian language file updated

6.56 (9/12/2011)

  • Error could occur page size was too large.
  • 6.565 (9/22/2011) Language file for Japan updated.

6.50 (9/7/2011)

  • User Interface greatly enhanced.
  • 'Convert Doc' User Interface

6.49 (9/6/2011)

  • PDF to DOC/RTF options added. Connect hyphens, remove hidden text, and several OCR options (text only, text and image, image only). Note, this product does not perform OCR on PDFs, but it can convert PDFs created from OCR.

6.46 (5/19/2011)

  • clsConvertDoc instancing changed from multiuse to single use. Seems to help with thread safety

6.45 (5/13/2011)

  • Conversion of PDF, auto-numbering sequences were off on very rare occasion.

6.44 (4/28/2011)

  • Japanese language module updated.

6.43 (4/12/2011)

  • When converting word files that have an unknown password, the program no longer will prompt you for a password, but instead, logs an error.
  • Users can now specify under what conditions to password protect a file being converted to a word document.  The conditions to choose from are based on the input files password protection status. You can password protect 'all files' or 'only those input files with password protection'.

6.42 (3/31/2011)

  • Conversion with 'Convert Doc' conversion method. If page splitting is occurring in the output, that is not quite the same as the original, an additional option has been added but is currently only accessible by adding a line to the CD_SearchHistory.ini file.  Add the following line immediately below the [frmMain] section to enable this option. bOverrideTopBottomParagraphDistance=FALSE

6.36 (1/25/2011)

  • Conversion of RTF: Numerous enhancements
  • Conversion of HTML: Numerous enhancements: Relative table heights improperly being set. When using table element line spacing incorrect. Portions of html were getting truncated. Text within form elements not imported. Lists indentation changed.
  • Conversion of HTML: Windows 7 Specific issue.
  • Conversion to HTML: Anchored images are not exported in some cases
  • Converting to DOCX: Extra digit on page number.

6.35 (1/18/2011)

  • PDF conversion. Enhanced PDF to RTF algorithm put in place.

6.30 (1/6/2011)

  • Password protection of output DOC and DOCX files is now possible. See the File\Options menu item. MS Word method only.
  • Conversion of DOC and RTF improved
  • Conversion of files with images: DOC and RTF sometimes distorted bitmaps
  • Conversion of files with images: Windows 2000 had an issue
  • Conversion of files with images: EMF's inserted with a file reference were not displayed
  • Conversion of files with images: 8 bit PNGs that have transparency would not convert
  • Conversion of HTML:  Positioning of images improved
  • Conversion of HTML: Incorrect default vertical text alignment in table cells
  • Conversion of RTF: Exporting lists were incorrect in some cases

6.16 (10/25/2010)

  • Conversion: PDF to DOC enhancements
  • Dutch language file added

6.15 (9/29/2010)

  • Special Processes: When specifying a target file with the wild card, the file extension of the output files did not always use what was specified.

6.14 (9/15/2010)

  • Conversion: PDF to DOC enhancements

6.13 (8/31/2010)

  • Images not embedded in output file were not working since version 6.12. Now working.

6.12 (8/13/2010)

  • Command line improved for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and greater. The manifest file was renamed so that running the ConvertDoc.EXE won't bring up the UAC (User Account Control) approval dialog by default.  Command line users must understand that if they have UAC enabled, and they are doing a command line with output to a protected folder, the results will be placed in the %localappdata%\VirtualStore folder. If you think UAC is having an effect on the command line you can quickly change the name of the program in your command line from ConvertDoc.EXE to ConvertDoc.Admin.EXE.  Doing this will enable a prompt to elevate security before the command line is fully executed.
  • Numerous fixes for the conversion to/from HTML and RTF files
  • Improved conversion of files with PNG and JPGs.
  • Improved PDF/A conversion output

6.000 (8/09/2010)

  • Windows 7 compatibility enhancements made.  Default report folders now updated.
  • Working well now with Office 2010

5.72 (7/26/2010)

  • Command line: Conversion from PDF to DOCX: Regardless of what was chosen in the user interface, MS Word was never being used for the final generation of the DOCX.

5.70 (7/14/2010)

  • Conversion from PDF to TXT: File moving/deleting of input files after conversion was not working.

5.69 (6/15/2010)

  • Conversion from PDF to DOCX: File moving/deleting of input files after conversion was not working.

5.68 (5/19/2010)

  • Conversion of DOC: Table formatting sometimes missing
  • Conversion of DOC: Conversion errors occurred when rectangles of zero height or width were found
  • Conversion of DOCX: "Open XML SDK 2.0" generated files were not able to be read
  • Conversion to HTML: Truncation of base64 data could occur
  • Conversion to HTML: References to missing images within the input document caused an error
  • Conversion to HTML: Documents with hyperlinks within text frames could cause an error
  • Conversion of HTML: Character entities (i.e. semi-colon, &#59;) without semicolon would cause an error
  • Conversion of HTML: The content of td and tr tags in the wrong places would be ignored
  • Conversion of HTML: Embedded images in link caused an error
  • Conversion of HTML: Hidden lists were being shown, or caused empty rows
  • Conversion of HTML: Some whitespace characters between hyperlinks disappeared
  • Conversion: JPG files lacking resolution information are not converted properly
  • Conversion to RTF: OLE objects without a metafile caused an error
  • Conversion to RTF: Properties of paragraphs inside text fields in wrong place
  • Conversion of RTF: Empty section and a bookmark at the end of the input document caused an error
  • Conversion of RTF: nested table inside field not read properly

5.67 (4/29/2010)

  • Conversion of PDF to DOC/RTF. In some complex PDF's text was not found.

5.66 (3/29/2010)

  • Server operating systems running 5.655 had an issue. Error 13 has been resolved.

5.65 (3/11/2010)

  • Normal.DOT was being asked to be saved on some systems when 'MS Word' method was chosen.
  • Conversion to RTF: Numbered list within a table are not converted properly
  • Conversion to PDF, there were issues with link targets
  • Conversion of files with some embedded TIFs were causing an issue
  • Conversion of RTF files, properties of table rows after the table would break the table
  • Conversion of RTF files, an empty field at the very end of a document would cause an error
  • Conversion of HTML: Some links were causing an error
  • Conversion of HTML: Anchored images in the last paragraph were omitted
  • Conversion of HTML: Standalone XHTML tags were not being converted properly
  • Conversion of HTML: If a list entry is empty then the closing tag (UL) is missing and the html would be considered invalid.
  • Conversion of DOC files, Anchored images that were exported could not be loaded
  • Conversion of DOC/DOCX Files: Wrong font character set data
  • Conversion of DOCX: After a forced page break, additional paragraphs occurred.

5.64 (2/18/2010)

  • Regional Settings for countries that use a comma for decimal place was causing issues upon running the program.

5.63 (2/12/2010)

  • Help system completely rewritten.  CHM help file now used, and web help is there for backup.
  • User Interface: The terms "Original" and "Target" file have been replaced with the more intuitive "Input" and "Output" respectively.
  • Double clicking on the task list item will now bring up the Advanced Options form when appropriate.
  • Japanese language file updated

5.62 (1/29/2010)

  • Conversion: Rolled back PDF to RTF/DOC since Word 2000 users have issues. Issue introduced on 5.57 on 1/6/2010.

5.60 (1/16/2010)

  • Special Process: The output files would not always contain the proper extension.

5.559 (1/13/2010)

  • Conversion of PDF to DOCX: In the "Advanced Options" area, a new button has been added for the DOCX tab allowing you to make further specifications (such as image extraction, page layout etc.)

5.58 1/11/2010)

  • DateDiffRegionalSafe() error was coming up for Italian users.

5.57 (1/6/2010)

  • Conversion: PDF to RTF enhanced for larger PDFs.
  • User Interface: If users launch the target file and it does not exist, now it opens the folder in explorer.  

5.56 (12/21/2009)

  • Special Process, Search and Replace. When replacing with nothing, the user interface would not update properly. It would work fine however.

5.55 (11/25/2009)

  • Conversion: If not embedding images, only the first image was being exported to a file.
  • Conversion: If an output folder did not exist, 'Convert Doc' now attempts to create it.
  • User Interface: The 'Advanced Options' button was not always visible.

5.54 (11/17/2009)

  • Conversion: Conversion of certain PDF's are now being done without issues and more accurately
  • User Interface: Selection of the FILE buttons now automatically select a valid file filter to use.

5.53 (11/16/2009)

  • Conversion: Conversion of multiple PDFs to DOCX was failing. First conversion was good, everyone after that was corrupt.
  • User Interface: The input and output file launch buttons (black play button to the right of the file path) now opens Windows Explorer in the specified folder if a wildcard was used (i.e. c:\input\*.txt) or if the file did not exist, but the folder did.

5.523 (10/27/2009)

  • User Interface: Upon completion of a Conversion Job, the status bar now flashes 100% complete.  If minimized, the taskbar flashes to indicate completion.
  • User Interface: When running the scheduler, if program is minimized the time remaining shows up in the task bar.
  • User Interface: When running the scheduler, PAUSE button now enabled to halt scheduler.
  • 5.523 - Minor fixes to user interface when using the scheduler.

5.50 (10/12/2009) *

  • Conversion - 'Convert Doc' method: "Embed Images Into Output" option now available by pressing the Advanced Options" button.  When converting from doc to html or similar conversions, the user can specify if they want the images to be within the file or exported to an images folder and have the output file point to these image files. By default, images will not be embedded. This is the way 'Convert Doc' originally worked prior to version 5.39. From 5.39 to 5.48 it was embedding the images.

5.48 (10/7/2009)

  • Beginning in version 5.44, conversion of multiple pdfs to txt or html without very fast enabled produced bad output files. Every other output file was incorrect.

5.47 (10/5/2009)

  • Upon startup, the VERY FAST check box option may have been invisible.

5.46 (10/1/2009)

  • Conversion of DOCX files by 'MS Word' method. An error stating that the file could not be loaded occurred in some DOCX files. "Method not available" was being reported in this case.
  • Conversion of HTML: Font names that were wrapped within style attributes created an issue.
  • Conversion to HTML: Vertical alignment in table cells would sometimes change.
  • Conversion of DOC: Errors would occur for very old Word formats (Win Word 1 to Word 95).
  • Conversion of RTF: RTFs with Japanese characters was having an issue.
  • Conversion to PDF: Links did not work.

5.45 (9/23/2009)

  • Conversion from DOC to DOCX. When opening output file, Word would say it was in 'compatibility mode'

5.44 (9/17/2009)

  • Conversion from PDF to DOCX implemented

5.43 (8/10/2009)

  • Move the input (original) file after processing has been added as a 'program option'. See the File\Options menu or the Advanced Options button in the user interface.  This will be very helpful for those looking to use the scheduler to convert a specific folder of files while avoiding redundant conversions.

5.42 (8/7/2009)

  • Conversion from RTF to PDF: Distance between paragraphs were not always correct.
  • Scheduler updated. Countries where time format was MM/DD/YYYY were sometimes problematic.

5.41 (7/22/2009)

  • Conversion of PDF Files: A single page PDF on rare occasion would convert to two pages.

5.395 (7/1/2009)

  • Conversion of RTF: Files sometimes did not load for conversion.
  • Conversion of RTF: If a nested cell was missing the end mark a crash would occur.
  • Conversion To HTML: Input files containing only an image was not exported properly.
  • Conversion To HTML: Text background color was being converted as paragraph background color
  • Conversion To HTML: Particular table configurations can cause endless loop
  • Conversion To HTML: Numbered lists were not being properly counted
  • Conversion of HTML: Padding of table cells were getting lost
  • Conversion of HTML: The tag background color setting effected the text background color
  • Conversion of HTML: Two adjacent empty links could not be loaded

5.394 (6/16/2009)

  • Command Line: /O switch was broke.

5.392 (5/29/2009)

  • Command Line: Full path not required for /S /T /L /I /B and /J. If the full path is not specified it is assumed the current folder will be used. If the current folder path is invalid, then the folder that contains ConvertDoc.exe will be used. This makes it easy to specify the command line like so:

            ConvertDoc.exe /S "apples.txt" /T "oranges.doc" /F1 /C9 /M2

5.39 (5/15/2009)

  • Conversion: PDF/A-1b now supported as an output file type.

  • Conversion: 'Convert Doc' conversion method. If users specify a DOC for the input file type and the input file is really a RTF file, the software will attempt to try both file types before failing. The same is true if users specify a RTF for the input file type and the input file is really a DOC file.

  • Conversion of DOCX: Some DOCX files caused errors.

  • Conversion To RTF: On occasion, if tables were inserted as text fields the output was erroneous.

  • Conversion To RTF, DOC, DOCX: MS Word shows extra horizontal border between paragraphs.

  • Conversion of RTF: An RTF file with different first page footer and header caused a crash.

  • Conversion of RTF: Paragraphs that were not part of a table became part of the table.

  • Conversion of files with TIFFs: If the tiff used big endian byte order convention it was not converted.

  • Conversion of HTML: The 'body style' was not being applied to paragraph tags correctly.

  • Conversion of HTML: Table row background color was not being converted.

  • Conversion of HTML: Some tables caused errors.

  • Conversion of HTML: Adjacent non-breaking space characters were not being converted properly.

  • Conversion of HTML: Empty style tags were an issue.

  • Conversion of HTML: Margins of list paragraphs were not being considered.

  • Conversion of HTML: Fonts are now more accurately converted.

  • Conversion of HTML: Text lines not within a <p> tag behind a centered <DIV> were not being properly aligned.

5.381 (5/9/2009)

  • Conversion: Single File Web Page (*.MHT, *.MHTML) and Web Page Filtered (*.HTM, *.HTML)  output file types added.

5.38 (5/5/2009)

  • Conversion: PDF to DOC/RTF. Extra lines were being added to output file.

5.37 (4/27/2009)

  • Conversion: Word files with drop down list boxes now convert properly.

5.365 (4/23/2009)

  • Most Recently Used Conversion Job files now available from the FILE menu item.

  • Converting from PDF to TXT/HTM without "Very Fast" option now works for all user types.

5.36 (4/14/2009)

  • Conversion: PDF To Doc is now more accurate with documents with large amounts of images.

5.352 (4/6/2009)

  • Concatenation: An issue would occur when concatenating text files while selecting the "Add file name and path..." option.

  • Concatenation: When adding name and path and doing multiple files, the target file path is only inserted one time now.

  • Clicking the NEW toolbar button now allows for the CONVERT button to be pressed.

5.30 (4/03/2009)

  • Usability: Users no longer have to press the ADD button for the program to convert. Upon pressing the ADD button, the program assumes you will be creating a conversion job that has more than one conversion item.

  • Usability: User interface now attempts to guess the initial file types when switching conversion methods.

  • Usability: When pressing the PAUSE button, the status bar now reflects this fact, and the Green check or Red X is properly displayed if the last running conversion job finished.

  • Usability: Users no longer have to press REWIND if the last run went to 100% completion.

  • Error Logging: If users pressed PAUSE during a conversion job, and then clicked CONVERT, any errors logged from this point had an incorrect 'Conversion Job Number'.

  • Speed: Loading and unloading the program will be faster. Only 10 (instead of 20) most recently compared items will be stored/retrieved.

  • Command Line: Should run much faster now that many ini parameters are not being unnecessarily loaded.

5.290 (3/3/2009)

  • Use of "?" and "*" within Original and Target (input and output) file specification has now been greatly enhanced. Before only *.ext was allowed. Now you may specify any combination such as c:\myfiles\apple*.TXT  or c:\myfiles\ap???*.TXT for example.

5.282 (2/26/2009)

  • General. Loading the application should occur faster.

5.28 (2/24/2009)

  • Setting page margins to 0 caused a crash.

5.27 (1/20/2009)

  • Conversion of very large PDF to DOC was timing out.

5.26 (12/16/2008)

  • Conversion to DOCX: No character properties were forcing end of line characters.

  • DOCX import of byte array data generates an error.

  • DOCX format does not export the font list.

  • Conversion To RTF: Hyperlink fields in headers and footers were not visible in Microsoft Word.

  • Conversion To RTF: Bullet list in table can not be loaded into Word Pad.

  • Conversion To RTF: Character formatting can get lost when deleting the first character of a paragraph.

  • Conversion From RTF: A section break in a table cell can caused an error.

  • Conversion From RTF: Use of font 'MS Mincho' can cause invalid characters.

  • Conversion From RTF: Font 'Courier' is imported as 'Arial' within Microsoft Vista.

  • Conversion From RTF: Message box with text 'No such interface supported' appeared after loading a document with OLE objects.

  • Conversion from (DOC/DOCX/RTF): An Error occurred if an inline text frame is the first character of a table cell.

  • Conversion from (DOC/DOCX/RTF): Missing link targets issue.

  • Conversion To HTML: In some cases hyperlinks can cause a crash.

  • Conversion From HTML: Superfluous closing table tags can cause a crash.

  • Conversion From HTML: Wrong style is applied to the content of DIVs.

5.25 (10/16/2008)

  • Conversion From Doc to Doc within the same folder: This is now possible. Before a 'file is read only' error would occur.

  • Status bar is now showing the last error in the Log tab at the end of a 'Conversion Job'.

5.23 (9/16/2008)

  • Conversion From PDF to DOC/RTF: Japanese PDF's were not always converting.

5.22 (8/15/2008)

  • Command Line, when no path was given and double quotes were used, an error would occur.

5.20 (7/24/2008)

Conversion using 'Convert Doc' Conversion method has the following enhancements:

  • Conversion from DOC: Carriage return inside the last paragraph of a nested cell generates an error.

  • Conversion from DOC: Section break in a table can cause an error. 

  • Conversion from DOCX: Documents containing large paragraphs generates an error. 

  • Conversion from DOCX: Right and left text distances of text frames are exported incorrectly. 

  • Command Line: Documentation enhanced for DOCX examples.

  • Installation. The HLP file is no longer being included since Vista no longer supports this file format. HTML help will take its place.

5.19 (6/26/2008)

  • Conversion of Chinese PDF's now handled properly.

5.18 (6/4/2008)

  • Command Line: Verbose mode, time of execution now accurate.

  • Command Line: No longer will instances of MS Word be made unless they are actually used during conversion. This will greatly enhance the speed at which conversions will take place.

  • User Interface: The words INPUT and OUTPUT are used in the examples for Original and Target file/folder locations. Should now be more intuitive.

5.17 (6/4/2008)

  • PDF File conversion to DOC/RTF files now handle equations much better

  • PDF File conversion, numerous items fixed in this area.

5.16 (5/6/2008)

  • Conversion:

    • Special documents containing tables which immediately follow after a forced page break cannot be loaded.

    • DOC files in Word95/Word6 or older DOC formats are imported like all DOC files in 'Convert Doc' version 4. Only the first section is used.

    • DOC import fails, because of section blocks with wrong section numbers when importing a DOC file.

    • Converting to RTF or Word is not possible, if tables are at the beginning of a new page.

    • Page Number Field is not correctly exported to RTF and DOC

    • When converting a document with a text field to RTF, the *xfieldend} tag is missing.

    • Converting to HTML: Superscripted text broken across paragraphs does not comply with html 4.0 standard.

    • HTML: Blank line at the beginning of a document is not converted correctly

    • HTML: Table cannot be imported, if a nested table is inserted into a 1x1 table.

    • HTML: Horizontal lines in HTML files are not inserted

    • HTML: Text color is wrong.

    • Rowspan in HTML tables causes hanging of 'Convert Doc'

    • PNG image file format was an issue.

5.15 (4/14/2008)

  • Conversion: PDF to DOC/RTF.  In certain PDF files:

    • It didn't correctly convert tables.

    • The page number had problems after conversion.

    • The notes at end of pages weren't converted correctly

5.143 (2/15/2008)

  • COM Interface: Now error -4 generates an Error event.

5.14 (2/15/2008)

  • Conversion: 'Convert Doc' method, now margins of input file are properly followed. An input file may have several margins within it, and all will be properly followed.

5.13 (2/6/2008)

  • Command Line: Log file is overwritten instead of being appended to. This will allow for batch file testing of success or failure by using the DOS "Find" utility.

5.12 (2/5/2008)

  • Scheduler: Certain regional settings such as Greece, made the scheduler behave incorrectly.

5.11 (1/29/2008)

  • Conversion: MS Word 2007, Numerous MS Word file types are now supported.

"Word Document (*.DOCX)   XML document format
"Word Macro-Enabled Document (*.DOCM)"    XML document format with macros enabled.
"Word Default Save as Format"   Word default document file format. For Microsoft Office Word 2007 this is DOCX
"PDF File" (*.PDF)"    PDF format. Requires "2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS"
"XML Paper Specification (*.XPS)"     XPS format.  Requires "2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS"
"Word XML Document (*.XML)"
"Word XML Macro Enabled (*.XML)"

  • If an error occurs, the last error is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the program. This will keep users from having to press the LOG tab every time an error occurs.

5.10 (1/25/2008)

  • Conversion: MS Word 2007, DOCX file now supported without the need for MS Word installed

5.05 (1/17/2008)

  • PDF to DOC/RTF conversion: Rotated images were not rendered properly.

  • PDF to DOC/RTF conversion: Document would hang

5.04 (12/3/2007)

  • Conversion (PDF to DOC/RTF): When PDF had security settings, it may have crashed.

5.03 (11/19/2007)

  • Conversion (convert doc method): Margin settings were not being enforced when they were told to be.

5.02 (10/29/2007)

  • Scheduler: When using international operating system, then restarting program sometimes caused an issue due to international dates.

5.01 (10/1/2007)

  • General: An error would occur when running the program since it did not shut down properly.

4.14 to 5.00 (10/1/2007)

  • Conversion (PDF to DOC/RTF): PDF document is scanned and best method of conversion method is chosen. It is now simpler and more powerful than before.

4.13 to 4.14 (8/7/2007)

  • Conversion to DOC: Table cell borders were not correctly saved to MS Word.

  • Conversion of MS Word: A long font name causes a buffer overflow.

  • Conversion From HTML Reading HTML always adds an empty line to the document.

  • Conversion From HTML: Incorrect reading of table borders

  • Conversion To HTML: Error occurred under special circumstances when saving to HTML.

  • Conversion of HTML: Top and bottom margins are not used in HTML, if set to 0.

  • Conversion of HTML: Lists are not saved properly.

  • Conversion To HTML: Empty lines are saved with two P element pairs.

  • Conversion to DOC: The DOC format has a limit of 63 columns and the overhead was not saved correctly.

4.11 to 4.13 (6/19/2007)

  • VISTA: Help system updated for Vista

4.10 to 4.11 (6/6/2007)

  • Special Process\Concatenation: When adding page breaks, an empty page would exist as the first page.

4.09 to 4.10 (5/16/2007)

  • Error 13 was appearing upon upgrading to a new version. Error was date issue, and regional settings issue. Date formats in European formats like "24.06.2005 16:15:34" were resolved.

4.08 to 4.09 (5/14/2007)

  • The /I switch, which specifies an INI file to use, was not working.

4.07 to 4.08 (4/10/2007)

  • Scheduler: Timing was off when approaching midnight. Date is now taken into consideration.

4.06 to 4.07 (3/28/2007)

  • Registration: A small issue existed in countries where the decimal was a comma, not a period (i.e. France).

  • Command Line\Conversion TO PDF: /W Switch added to allow setting a File Open password for PDF files.  Example below makes the word Apples the password to open the newly created PDF file:

     ConvertDoc.EXE     /S "c:\input files\tryme.doc" /T "c:\input files\tryme.pdf" /F9 /C12 /M2 /V /WApples


4.04 to 4.06 (3/26/2007)

  • User Interface. When "Save To Original Folder" was set in an item chosen from the task list, removing the "*" from the original file would leave the user interface in a bad state.

4.03 to 4.04 (2/28/2007)

  • COM interface was broken since v3.83. It is now working.

4.02 to 4.03 (2/15/2007)

  • Conversion processes have been made more efficient.

4.01 to 4.02 (12/6/2006)

Conversion: 'Convert Doc' method upgraded

Conversion: An empty caption in a table caused an error

Conversion from DOC and RTF : Text frame size change in the case of a text overflow.

Conversion from HTML: br tags before tables caused an error, if there was no text in this line.

Conversion to HTML: Images sometimes disappeared.

Conversion to HTML: Inherited p tags are exported in an incorrect order.

Conversion to HTML: Paragraph margin is not exported, if '2 lines' line spacing was specified.

Conversion to PDF: Gray text was not exported to PDF. 

Conversion to PDF: If an image is inside a table cell and the table cell is not transparent, the image is neither printed nor exported to PDF.

Conversion to PDF: Images are not exported in tables with a background color.

4.0 to 4.01 (11/14/2006)

  • An upgrade message for WordConverterX2 was popping up.

3.86 to 4.0 (10/16/2006)

  • Conversion from PDF to TXT, HTM is much faster, particularly without the 'very fast' option chosen

  • Conversion TO PDF: Hypertext links are now supported.

  • Russian Language Module added.

3.83 to 3.86 (10/11/2006)

  • Polish Language File added

3.82 to 3.83 (9/22/2006)

  • Command Line: If a conversion job was not rewound, the command line would report a successful conversion, even though it did nothing. Now, if doing the command line, the complete conversion job is done from beginning to end, regardless of whether or not the conversion job was rewound last time it was edited.

  • Opening the first Conversion Job would cause the user interface to prompt the user for updating an item. Harmless but annoying, this has been fixed.

  • Max number of files during trial changed from 250 to 100

3.81 to 3.82 (8/30/2006)

  • When shutting down, a version of MS Word was created. This no longer occurs

  • If an error occurred when running the command line, an instance of the 'Convert Doc' user interface would sometimes be left up and running.

3.80 to 3.81 (8/3/2006)

  • Command line. Target file will now be created if it did not exist. Before it would error out saying invalid or wrong number of command line arguments

  • A full comprehensive library of examples for nearly every case of using the command line is now available in the documentation. See the documentation page for any of the several forms of documentation.

3.79 to 3.80 (7/8/2006)

  • Conversion: PDF to HTML not using very fast sometimes produced an error for no good reason.

3.78 to 3.79 (5/3/2006)

  • Conversion of multiple files from PDF to TXT using the very fast, was not going 'very fast'. This has been fixed.

3.77 to 3.78 (2/23/2006)

  • File IO: Opening a zero-size text file causes errors.

  • Other: Setting page margins to a large value (i.e. 300) changes also the page size.

  • Other: Page is not correctly resized, if the left margin is set to a large value.

  • Conversion: Line height scrambles HTML export.

  • Conversion: OLE objects in documents are imported and/or displayed as gray rectangles.

  • Conversion: UTF-8 encoded HTML files are incorrectly recognized.

  • Conversion: Document (DOC/RTF) cannot be loaded, if a Textfield has more than 64kB.

  • Conversion: HTML: CRLF is ignored after inserting a hyper link.

  • Conversion: Empty link in the style sheet ref causes error.

  • Conversion: If a line starts with a hyper link and the document is saved to HTML, the preceding paragraph is deleted.

  • Conversion: BR tag inserts a soft break + paragraph in HTML

3.76 to 3.77 (2/16/2006)

  • Conversion: PDF to htm/text method.  When converting it would leave a temporary file. This is now deleted.

3.75 to 3.76 (2/11/2006)

  • Conversion: PDF to ??? method.  When typing in an original file, the target file type was always getting reset to HTML.

3.74 to 3.75 (2/2/2006)

  • PDF->Txt and PDF->Html: If a corrupted PDF file was encountered, the file would not be free for renaming, deleting etc. Fixed.

3.73 to 3.74 (1/25/2006)

  • While original file or target file was being entered, the program would properly anticipate and update which 'Conversion Method' to use, however, some elements of the user interface were not getting updated (i.e. the list of potential original and target file types).

3.72 to 3.73 (12/20/2005)

  • Command Line: Added /Z switch to specify a password for opening (input file) an MS Word file.

3.71 to 3.72 (11/23/2005)

  • Conversion: Target file will be corrected upon Adding a conversion item.

3.70 to 3.71 (10/27/2005)

  • Fixed a registration issue. Users would enter valid 'Activation Key', yet no activation would occur. Bug introduced in version 3.31.

3.69 to 3.70 (10/20/2005)

  • A target file is now auto-created as the user types in the original file, making it easier for the user.

3.68 to 3.69 (8/15/2005)

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: Image compression does not work, if converting to DOC.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: PageBreak in tables are not saved in DOC and RTF files.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: Table rows are neither imported nor positioned correctly.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: DOC and RTF documents do not load, if a text field has more than 64kB.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: Incorrect conversion of tables from HTML to RTF.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: Extra paragraph when converting HTML fragments.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: Bulleted and numbered lists in a row at the same level do not convert correctly to HTML.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: HTML filter ignores hexadecimal entity encoding.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: HTML div tag is not interpreted as a paragraph.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: Problem with table, if converting nested tables to DOC or RTF files.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: RTF conversion does not interpret paragraph symbol '\' correctly.

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion method: If paragraph frames are used in an RTF document, the line width increases when loading.

3.67 to 3.68 (8/11/2005)

  • COM interface was broken. Fixed.

  • Search and replace for text files was failing when specifying whitespace characters

  • Limits on trial use greatly liberated

3.66 to 3.67 (7/21/2005)

  • Enhanced grid so that it now is more visible

  • Error log performing better

  • Added mutex for thread safety

3.65 to 3.66 (6/6/2005)

  • PDF to RTF/DOC conversion is now more efficient, better looking results

  • Enhanced user interface.

3.52 to 3.65 (6/6/2005)

  • New command line switch added, /P to post errorlevel if an error occurred.  This means batch files can test for errors. Possible errorlevels:

' -1 = Shareware expired
' -3 = Missing required command line argument(s)
' -4 = Some error occurred during the processing, create a log or use verbose switch for details

  • Japanese help file now included in installation.

3.51 to 3.52 (5/17/2005)

  • /I{Override Default INI file} switch added to specify a specific initialization file for 'Convert Doc'.  Use a specified (and not the default) initialization file for 'Convert Doc'. This allows you to be able to specify all settings that are in the user interface from the command line, which is especially useful for those few items not available through specific command line switches. The default initialization file can be used as a template and is located at C:\Windows\CD_SearchHistory.INI

  • Command line issue existed when converting a password protected PDF, a message box was popping up.

  • When loading a 'Conversion Job' file, the application does not ask you to save changes to the current conversion item.

3.50 to 3.51 (5/7/2005)

  • Command line issue existed when using MS Word conversion method, each time the instance of MS Word was not being destroyed.

3.47 to 3.50 (4/6/2005)

  • Enhanced user interface by making the toolbar buttons more instructive. Message boxes now prompt user to correct actions.

3.46 to 3.47 (3/31/2005)

  • New Optimize for Speed/Optimize for Memory options added for MS Word conversion method. See file\Options menu item

  • Passwords for MS Word files now can be specified. See File\Options menu item

  • Search and replaced enhanced. Now 'Don't match if end of line' and 'Don't match if Beginning of Line' are working.  Report created when doing a search and replace now is showing the 'what was replaced', not 'what with'.  Output file now is terminated properly.

3.45 to 3.46 (2/22/2005)

  • When Save to Original Folder was selected, the image for the target folder would not hide appropriately

  • When Going to the File\Open menu item and selecting an non-existent file the program would crash

3.44 to 3.45 (2/22/2005)

  • PDF to TXT now detects if operating system is double byte character set, if so, will save TXT as a UNICODE text file.

3.43 to 3.44 (2/16/2005)

  • You can now launch BAT files from the "Launch (Run) Program" special process

3.42 to 3.43 (2/2/2005)

  • Added the File\Options menu item to allow for the setting of general options

  • File\Options\Delete files after processed added

  • File\Options\Use alternate method of conversion if initial one failed added.

3.41 to 3.42 (1/26/2005)

  • Added XML as a target type for those that have MS Office 2003 and beyond. See the 'MS Word' Conversion method.

3.40 to 3.41 (1/25/2005)

  • Search And Replace with Special Characters codes now supported.

3.301 to 3.40 (1/10/2005)

  • Regular Expressions are now supported for ANSI and UNICODE Text files.

3.30 to 3.301 (12/17/2004)

  • PDF to Doc/RTF Algorithm enhanced.

3.22 to 3.30 (12/8/2004)

  • PDF to TXT now displays Advanced Button appropriately.

  • PDF to TXT not limited to 3 pages

3.20 to 3.22 (11/15/2004)

  • PDF to RTF Engine enhanced

  • Japanese Language module enhanced.

  • Command Line no longer checks for file extension matching.  This resolves a command line issue in which the program incorrectly reported: "Conversion Job File (*.SII) specified in the command line (/J) does not exist." And "Missing required or invalid command line argument(s)".

3.18 to 3.20 (10/26/2004)

  • Increase level in numbered lists is retained when an HTML file is loaded

  • Page size is same as original after a document has been converted

  • Margins are now converted correctly to HTML

  • Converting special documents to PDF no longer causes an internal error

  • Accurate HTML output with bullets and numbered lists

  • Restarted lists are accurately converted from DOC files

3.17 to 3.18 (9/15/2004)

  • Added command line parameter /E for specifying VERY FAST conversions when going from PDF to TXT or PDF to HTM

  • Added command line parameter /A# for the Advanced PDF to RTF specification.  See documentation for details.

3.16 to 3.17 (8/29/2004)

  • Remove empty lines was malfunctioning due to upgrade in components, but installation not reflecting this upgrade.

3.14 to 3.16 (8/27/2004)

  • PDF To TXT and PDF To HTM have been enhanced greatly.  Now, a Very Fast operation has been added so that the older quicker (less reliable) method may still be accessed.

3.153 to 3.14 (8/7/2004)

  • Special Process\Concatenation:  Added the ability to add page breaks and/or the name of the original and target files to the output.

  • Added support for GIF files within the 'Convert Doc' method

3.13 to 3.153 (8/6/2004)

  • User interface made friendlier by sensing file type and updating accordingly

  • Helpful hints placed within the program make it more user friendly.

3.13 to 3.134 (7/8/2004)

  • Portrait and landscape now supported in the 'Convert Doc' file conversion method

  • Start\Programs\Convert Doc\Documentation\PDF Manual link was not pointing to proper location. It is now fixed.

3.1212 to 3.13 (7/1/2004)

  • Concatenation failed for anything but txt files since version 3.11

  • User interface (not command line): It is now impossible to enter a double quotation character (e.g. ") whenever specifying a file.

  • When user selected 'Specialized Process', then exited application, upon running the next time, the 'Conversion Method' would be set to nothing.  This is now fixed.

  • Numbered lists did not work as expected in tables.

  • Fixed images were not exported after page 1.

3.12 to 3.1212  (5/28/2004)

  • Japanese language file updated. 

3.11 to 3.12  (5/28/2004)

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion methods "Advanced" options now allows for choosing metric vs. English units.  However, some dialog boxes will depend on regional settings.

3.10 to 3.11  (5/26/2004)

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion methods "Advanced" options now include the ability to set PDF Security attributes.  Both for open access and permissions

  • 'Convert Doc' Conversion methods "Advanced" options now include the ability to set image quality and compression quality.

3.016 to 3.10  (5/25/2004)

  • PDF File creation greatly enhanced.  Images now have excellent resolution

  • Default Page, paragraph and font settings now come up properly upon first run of the application.

3.015 to 3.016  (5/25/2004)

  • PDF To RTF conversion enhanced.  First paragraph on each page was offset before, now it better reflects original PDF.

3.014 to 3.015  (5/24/2004)

  • Added code to keep page width no longer an issue. 

3.012 to 3.014  (5/07/2004)

  • /O switch added.  A job will be loaded via the command line (/J) and then the GUI opens for the user to complete the running of the job.

  • File\Open Conversion Job\ now sets the default folder to the last opened Conversion Job file or, the application folder if none was already opened.

  • The Convert Tool bar button and menu item are enabled upon first entering the user interface.  If new users click the Convert button before the Add (+) button they will be notified that they must first click the Add button.

3.011 to 3.012  (4/22/2004)

  • If a PDF file with all caps in the extension (i.e. mypdf.PDF) was used, a failure occurred.  Fixed.

  • When selecting an RTF file the extension was appended automatically with ".RTF)". The extra ")" was removed.

3.01 to 3.011  (4/19/2004)

  • Upgraded PDF Conversion Algorithm. Spacing now handled better when Text Flow is chosen

3.0 to 3.01  (4/13/2004)

  •  Numerous options to configure the format of the target file have been introduced. Click on the 'Advanced button' where applicable.

2.2 to 3.0  (4/1/2004)

  • Upgraded PDF Conversion Algorithm. Now it handles creating more accurate documents from PDF with and without text boxes.  It can handle multi-column documents and pleadings.

2.195 to 2.2  (2/22/2004)

  • Shrink wrapped version made

2.19 to 2.195  (2/19/2004)

  • Password entry boxes are now masked.

  • New PDF to RTF driver installed.

2.18 to 2.19 (2/18/2004)

  • Japanese Fonts, and other non-English fonts are now supported

  • Danish Language File Added

2.17 to 2.18 (2/4/2004)

  • Added the ability to Automate 'Convert Doc' as a COM object like an ActiveX component. This allows programmers to automate their processes from their own applications.

  • Updated Japanese Language File

2.163 to 2.17 (1/27/2004)

  • 'Run Time Error 380', 'The Page Width is too small.' issue has been resolved. This came about for the 'Convert Doc' method of file conversion.

2.16 to 2.163 (1/23/2004)

  • DOC to PDF conversions were having numerous file saving issues.  This has now been resolved.

  • Persistence of all settings was lost in version 2.10.  It has now been restored.

2.15 to 2.16 (1/22/2004)

  • Scheduler had a small glitch if users edited the current conversion task just before starting the scheduler.  A message box would ask them to approve of the changes.  This has been fixed.

2.14 to 2.15 (1/13/2004)

  • Scheduler now displays time left before next execution

  • TabCtl32.OCX removed from dependencies and installation (previously an issue with our installation)

2.13 to 2.14 (12/22/2003)

  • PDF To Text enhanced. Duplicate characters (i.e. "apple" -> "aple") were being deleted. Problem has been resolved.

  • Conversion Job Scheduler now capable of being started upon program execution.

  • Documentation updated.

  • Advanced PDF to RTF conversion options dialog box modified to show that "Text Boxes" are used if 'Retain Text Position" option is chosen.

2.10 to 2.13 (11/25/2003)

1. Added Job Scheduler to allow for periodic running of jobs, unattended

2. Added Romanian Language file, and adjust user interface to suit this language

2.10 to 2.10B (11/05/2003)

1. PDF to Doc/RTF conversion now handles Adobe Acrobat 6 and other files better. UNINSTALL before upgrading this version.

2.10 to 2.11 (10/10/2003)

1. File selection now auto-selects the appropriate file type.

2. In the specialized processes user interface, the File/Folder buttons now hide/show more appropriately.

2.08 to 2.10 (10/02/2003)

1. PDFConverterX Shareware expiration would come up even after purchase. This has been fixed.

2. Fixes hyperlinks problem with "PreserveTextPosition" turned off

3. Adjusts "ShrinkFonts" option for less drastic font size changes

4. Fixes bug in Word XP where images appear 33% larger than in Word 2000

5. More Japanese font support

6. Improved support for rotated images

2.07 to 2.08 (9/30/2003)

1. Concatenate Text and Remove files from text files reintroduced.  Were removed when we extracted methods from WordConverterX.

2. Concatenation and manipulation of super wide or long RTF files are now accommodated.

2.06 to 2.07 (9/19/2003)

1. GUI updated for Japanese language

2.05 to 2.06 (9/16/2003)

1. Registration Algorithm updated.  Now using long 'activation codes'.

2.04 to 2.05 (9/11/2003)

1. Help file greatly enhanced

2.02 to 2.04 (7/29/2003)

1. Swedish and German Language files now included.

2.01 to 2.02 (6/22/2003)

1. All languages now supported from the File\Language menu item

1.20 to 2.01 (6/9/2003)

1. PDF to RTF/DOC conversions now possible!  Available in our Enterprise Edition. All prior versions are Professional versions.  Upgrade may be required if already purchased.

1.19 to 1.20 (5/05/2003)

1. PDF File creation greatly enhanced.  File size (disk space) of resulting PDF is very much reduced.

1.18 to 1.19 (5/04/2003)

1. Unlimited number of 'Conversion Items' can now be loaded via Conversion Job file (*.SII) or through the command line. Use to be limited to 32,000

2. Faster load times for the Conversion Job file

1.17 to 1.18 (4/22/2003)

1. Search and Replace Strings written up in manual and refined.

1.16 to 1.17 (4/9/2003)


1.15 to 1.16 (4/1/2003)

1. Special Processing introduced.  Search and Replace strings.

1.14 to 1.15 (3/25/2003)

1. Special Processing introduced.  Launch/Run 3rd party applications

1.13 to 1.14 (3/14/2003)

1. Special Processing introduced.  Concatenate (Append) files.

1.12 to 1.13 (3/7/2003)

1. Special Processing introduced.  Remove Lines from file.

1.11 to 1.12 (1/31/2003)

1. Sub folders are now being process properly


1.10 to 1.11 (1/17/2003)

1. PDF To HTM Implemented


1.09 to 1.10 (1/12/2003)

1. PDF To TXT Implemented

1.07 to 1.08 (1/07/2003)

1. Added ability to save log as a 'Conversion Job'

2. Added /J switch to allow for specifying a 'Conversion Job' in the command line

3. Added /B switch to allow for saving the log as a 'Conversion Job' in the command line

1.06 to 1.07 (12/30/2002)

1. Add entry in GUI now works properly

2. Both the task and log grids are resizable

3. File list building now shows progress.

4. Folder selection now working properly when a root drive folder is selected


1.05 to 1.06 (12/23/2002)

1. Error handling on command line now works properly.

2. /V erbose switch now works properly.


1.03 to 1.05 (12/18/2002)

1. File export now retains margins for PDF and other file formats

2. Now you can specify an 'Original' file that doesn't exist.  This may be helpful in cases where you want to perform multiple conversions on the same file.


1.02 to 1.03 (11/20/2002)

1. Conversion failed when specifying whole folder and  only 1 file existed within the folder


1.01 to 1.02 (11/19/2002)

1. Specify save to original folder added

2. User interface enhanced greatly

3. Now allowed for all possible file formats supported by MS Word

4. Saving to a target folder now creates the sub-folders which mirror the originals


1.00 to 1.01 (5/1/2002)

1. Command Line added