(DLL/COMponent/OCX/ActiveX- Invisible at runtime)

Need a command line application to convert office documents? See WordConverterEXE

"Thank you for building a wonderful product." Sincerely, Russell Downing 1/7/2002

"I ended up writing one myself. I am a contractor and the client did not want to spend the money...It ended up costing more for me to write...." LJ  10/22/2001

WordConverterX (WCX) is an DLL/ActiveX component designed to allow developers to quickly add a document conversion utility to their programs. Such a tool is helpful when the native binary format of Microsoft Word/Excel documents is not acceptable. RTF, HTML and Text are amongst the favorite formats used with this conversion tool. 

If you need to quickly create a file converter then look no further.  Simply cut and paste the provided VB source and your there.  The supplied code also illustrates how to create a command line driven program (see FAQ for this portion of the demo source).  In fact, the code for WordConverterEXE is the example program provided.

Formats supported are shown below:

Excel File Conversion Formats 

File Type

Microsoft Excel Add In (*.XLA)

Comma Delimited (*.CSV)

Comma Delimeted Macintosh (*.CSV)

Comma Delimited DOS (*.CSV)

Comma Delimited Windows (*.CSV)

dBase II (*.DBF)

dBase III (*.DBF)

dBase IV (*.DBF)

Data Interchange Format (*.DIF)

Microsoft Excel 2.0 Worksheet (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 2.0 Worksheet Far East (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 3.0 Worksheet (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 4.0 Worksheet (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 4.0 Workbook (*.XLW)

Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook (*.XLW)

Microsoft Excel 7.0/95 Workbook (*.XLW)

Microsoft Excel 97-2000 & 5.0/95 Workbook (*.XLS)

Web Page (*.HTM, *.HTML)

Word XML (*.XML)

SYLK (Symbolik Link) (*.SLK)

Template (*.XLT)

Text Macintosh (*.TXT)

Text (MS-DOS) (*.TXT)

Text Windows (*.TXT)

Unicode Text (*.TXT)

WK1 (1-2-3) *.WK1

WK1 All (1-2-3) *.WK1

WK1 FMT (1-2-3) *.WK1

WK3 (1-2-3) *.WK3

WK4 (1-2-3) *.WK4

WK3 FM3 (1-2-3) *.WK3

WKS (1-2-3) *.WKS

Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.XLS)

Word File Conversion Formats

File Type

As Word Doc (*.DOC)

Dos Text (*.TXT)

Dos Text - Line Breaks (*.TXT)

Encoded Text (*.TXT)


Rich Text Format (RTF)")


Text Line Breaks

Unicode Text


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