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Word Converter Exe

Great customer service, prompt attention to our requirements and lightening speed development has been my experience with the staff at Softinterface Inc. Within a few hours of installing ...

Bruce King, IBM Canada, Toronto, Ontario

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Word Converter Exe

(Command Line or GUI Driven file conversion)


File Conversion Software

NOTE: 'Convert Doc' and 'Convert XLS' include and expand upon all features contained within WordConverterEXE. It is highly recommended you first look at those before WordConverterExe.

For non-MS Office users and/or PDF file conversion see 'Convert Doc'.

Need to convert xls or csv files? Need to Move Data between Excel workbooks, copy, move, delete, add sheets? See 'Convert XLS'.

Download Word Converter Exe

Word Convert erEXE is an application designed to assist MS Office users to convert Excel and convert Word files.  Our file conversion software can be run from the command line allowing for use in batch files as well as launching programmatically from other programs. 

Convert Word and Convert Excel files with File Conversion software from SoftInterface

A tool like this can be very helpful when the native binary format of Word/Excel documents is not acceptable.  CSV, HTML, RTF, and Text are amongst the favorite file formats our customers convert documents to.

  • Convert large number of documents quickly!
  • You do not have to convert the files individually.
  • Convert hundreds (thousands) of directories and files at a time.
  • WordConverterEXE will convert any document that you can open in Microsoft Word/Excel 97/2000/2002, etc.
  • Convert Excel or documents from the command line.

In addition to doing file conversion, Word Convert erEXE also adds features and basic data massaging methods to further enhance its usefulness.  For example, whole directories and sub-directories of files may be specified to be converted.  Furthermore, after conversion is done, special processing can be performed on the converted files. Some of these special processing methods include appending (concatenation) of all files converted, and removal of empty lines.

CSV: For those who are focusing their conversion efforts in the realm of spreadsheet files, you'll be pleasantly surprised.  Word Convert erEXE has special processing methods to concatenate, crop and massage comma delimited (CSV) files.  This allows you to specify what sheet(s), row(s), and/or column(s) that you may be interested in extracting.  Additional spreadsheet special processing methods are included (i.e. change the delimitation character from comma to whatever, add double quotes around all data fields etc.).

If you are a programmer you may be interested in Word Converter X, the component used to create this application.  WordConverterX can be integrated into your application to convert Word and convert Excel documents.

Word Convert erEXE Features

  • Can be invisible at run time. Make command line tools.
  • Convert Word Documents and Convert Excel , as well as WordPerfect, RTF, CSV, TXT, HTML, and more.
  • Supports Folders and Subfolders.
  • Concatenate processed files
  • Remove empty lines
  • Choose specific columns/rows to extract
  • Many special CSV file processing features built in:
    • Pad with spaces
    • Swap out comma with character of your choice
    • Add double quotes around each field
    • Remove first row of each file
  • For excel users, selectable sheets, columns, and rows to extract.  Syntax is simple ("i.e. "1,2,4-10" or "*" for all). Convert XLS easily.
  • All settings are persistent across runs of the application, including the various directories and conversion methods used.
  • Time and Industry tested.


Additional Information

Command Line Execution     Supported File Types

Copy/Move XLS Worksheets between Workbooks

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Convert Excel Files with convert file software from SoftInterface, Inc.

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Convert Excel and Convert Word files 

Our document conversion tools are industrial strength:

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that without a doubt we made the right decision buying your product!!!" Patillo Consulting, Richard Patillo Owner

"Thank you for building a wonderful product (Word Converter EXE)." Sincerely, Russell Downing

"I ended up writing one myself (r). I am a contractor and the client did not want to spend the money...It ended up costing more for me to write this file  conversion software...." LJ 

Word Converter Exe"Great customer service, prompt attention to our requirements, and lightening speed development has been my experience with the staff at Softinterface Inc. Within a few hours of installing the WordConverterEXE product, I was convinced that I made the right choice in doing business with this company.

For several months now, their product has been working in mission critical environment flawlessly. With a few enhancement requests that were completed and delivered the same day they were asked for, Word converter EXE has saved us time and money.

It was a pleasure dealing with your team. Thanks Again!"

Bruce King

IBM Canada, Toronto, Ontario

 Convert Word and Convert XLS files with 'Convert Doc' and 'Convert XLS'.