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PDFConverterX DLL Interface Directions


You'll want to first download and install the full demo.  From the Start\Programs\PDFConverterX\Demo Source and Demo Help" menu of your operating system you'll find demo code for:

  • VB.NET

  • C# (.NET)

  • VB6

  • VC6

Very important: The demo source code for using the DLL uses a DLL called, SII_PDF.DLL.  The PDFConverterX.OCX uses this DLL also (it is placed within the Windows\System32\ folder), but, not the same version.  The installation will contain both versions of this DLL.  Be sure the DLL that the application you are developing uses is the one included within the demo source code folder.  You can ensure this by renaming any instance of SII_PDF.DLL found in the Windows or System32 folder to some other name.

Click here  for the API.

Click here for the VB6 Demo.

Click here for the VC6 DLL Demo. Click here for the VC6 Dialog Box based MFC demo.

Click here for the .NET DLL interface module