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Excel Converter

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Excel Converter

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The Comprehensive Excel Conversion ActiveX

Need an application to do Excel Conversion/Manipulation? See 'Convert XLS'. (Does not require MS Excel to convet)


Convert XLS ActiveX

XLSConverterX is an ActiveX component designed to assist you, the developer, in quickly adding an Excel conversion/manipulation utility to your applications. XLSConverterX is designed to manipulate comma delimited CSV, MS Excel files, and any files MS Excel can open. A tool like this can be very helpful when you need to move, convert or manipulate Excel-like data. HTML, Text, RTF and CSV are available for conversion as well as several database formats and older versions of Excel, beginning with version 2.0.

XLSConverterX encapsulates all the details required for quick integration. Furthermore, an extensive sample Visual Basic application is provided to get you up to speed quickly and demonstrates XLSConverterX's capability and usability. Although you may not be using Visual Basic, the approach for all development environments will be similar.

Simply install the product, and add the component to your development environment. Once in place, the routines can be accessed to programmatically convert and manipulate Excel files. The code required to integrate this component in an application is relatively small considering the functionality it provides.

XLSConverterX Features

  • Convert to/from Excel to many file types including CSV, XML, HTM, TXT, SLK, DBF, Lotus, WKS (only to wks) and others. See below for listing.
  • Quick integration of this ActiveX component is easy since sample source code is provided.
  • Copy specific sheet data from one worksheet to another within the same or a different workbook
  • Concatenate/append specified data from a whole folder of workbooks to a single sheet
  • Copy an entire worksheet(s) to the same or a different workbook, and specify location within the target workbook
  • Delete a single or whole range of sheets within a workbook
  • Delete specific rows or columns from a worksheet
  • Add a new sheet and specify where to place the new sheet within the workbook
  • Move a sheet to a specific place within a workbook
  • Rename an existing sheet
  • Print sheet(s) and specify ranges
  • Transpose data by converting rows to columns and columns to rows.
  • Many other special processes for CSV and/or text files have been built into XLSConverterX
    • append/concatenate files; original file content is placed at the end of the target file
    • remove empty lines
    • surround field with quotes
    • pad field with spaces
    • change comma to other delimiter
    • remove empty lines
    • create fixed width fields
    • include specified rows, discard all others
    • include specified columns, discard all others
    • remove control characters
    • trim excess commas


Please download and give XLSConverterX a free trial.  For documentation click here.  Some sample code is shown below along with supported file types.

A sample Visual Basic program is provided to illustrate proper usage of this ActiveX component.  Converting an Excel file is as simple as filling out a few properties and then calling the OpenXLSSaveAs() method.  A sample piece of the VB code is shown below:


Private Function PerformConversionXLS(strSourceFile As String, _
                                      strSheets As String, _
                                      strTargetFile As String, _
                                      lngTargetType As Long, _
                                      blnDoFormula As Boolean) As Long

    Dim lngConvResult As Long

        'call OpenXLSSaveAs() with the arguments passed in
    lngConvResult = XLSConv1.OpenXLSSaveAs(strSourceFile, strSheets, strTargetFile,

                                           lngTargetType, blnDoFormula)

        'check that file was created using the helper function provided
    If (lngConvResult = 0) Then
        If (FileExists(strTargetFile) = False) Then
            lngConvResult = -100
        End If
    End If

        'if function returns error, assign appropriate message
    Select Case (lngConvResult)
        Case -2
            strErr = "Source file does not exist."
        Case -3
            strErr = "Unable to create Excel Application. Is it installed?"
        Case -4
            strErr = "Unable to destroy Excel Application."
        Case -10
            strErr = "General Excel error."
        Case -100
            strErr = "File does not exist."
    End Select


        'assign the appropriate return value to the function
    PerformConversionXLS = lngConvResult
End Function


Supported File Types

XML (Excel 2003 and above required)

Comma Delimited (*.CSV)

Comma Delimited Macintosh (*.CSV)

Comma Delimited DOS (*.CSV)

Comma Delimited Windows (*.CSV)


dBase II (*.DBF)

dBase III (*.DBF)

dBase IV (*.DBF)

Data Interchange Format (*.DIF)

Microsoft Excel 2.0 Worksheet (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 2.0 Worksheet Far East (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 3.0 Worksheet (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 4.0 Worksheet (*.XLS)

Microsoft Excel 4.0 Workbook (*.XLW)

Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook (*.XLW)

Microsoft Excel 7.0/95 Workbook (*.XLW)

Microsoft Excel 97-2000 & 5.0/95 Workbook (*.XLS)

Web Page (*.HTM, *.HTML)


SYLK (Symbolik Link) (*.SLK)

Template (*.XLT)

Text Macintosh (*.TXT)

Text (MS-DOS) (*.TXT)


Text Windows (*.TXT)

Unicode Text (*.TXT)


Lotus (1-2-3) (*.WK1)

Lotus (1-2-3) All  (*.WK1)

Lotus  (1-2-3) FMT (*.WK1)

Lotus (1-2-3) (*.WK3)

Lotus (1-2-3) (*.WK4)

Lotus (1-2-3) FM3 (*.WK3)

Lotus 4.0 Format
Quattro Pro for MSDOS format

Microsoft Works Format *.WKS

Microsoft Works (Far East) Format *.WKS

Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.XLS)