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XLSConverterX Revision History

The Excel Conversion ActiveX

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1.40 to 1.42 (6/30/2006)

  • ExecuteMacro() function added to allow for the execution of macros within a workbook.  Optionally you can save the workbook after the Macro has run.

1.34 to 1.40 (3/2/2006)

  • PrintExcelContents() added for printing of Excel files.

1.32 to 1.34 (11/8/2005)

  • CopySheetData() and CopySheetData()  (Copy specified data to/from one worksheet to another) now can handle multiple ranges (e.g. "A1:B2, C1, E4:J10")

1.27 to 1.32 (6/10/2005)

  • Help file now includes table of contents

  • Installation enhanced

1.26 to 1.27 (2/20/2005)

  • Documentation updated

  • Installation upgraded

  • ChangPassword() method added

  • Properties added to allow for using workbook files that contain password protection.  Both for open and write.

  • FilesJustCreatedCount(), FilesJustCreated() added

  • SheetsJustProcessedCount(), SheetsJustProcessed() added

  • Fixed OpenXLSSaveAs(), wasn't saving Formulas when specifying an index for the sheet.

1.25 to 1.26 (12/3/2004)

  • Documentation updated

  • Demo program updated

  • ExcelIsInstalled() method added to detect if Excel is on target PC

  • SearchAndReplaceCellContent() added

1.24 to 1.25 (11/22/2004)

  • CopySheet() sheets can now rename the copied sheet, however only when copying a single sheet.  The sSheetTarget parameter is used for the purpose of renaming.

  • CopySheet() can now copy within the same workbook file.

1.23 to 1.24 (11/18/2004)

  • Added ability to Transpose (convert rows to columns and columns to rows) data within sheets. See TransposeSheetData()

1.21 to 1.23 (11/17/2004)

  • New property added, SkipEmptySheets.  Used when doing conversions from XLS to any other file type.  If sheet is empty, no conversion will be done.  This is useful if you specify all sheets with "*" and only 1 of 3 sheets had information.

1.09 to 1.21 (10/12/2004)

  • Add new method to search and replace Cell contents, SearchAndReplaceCellContent()

1.08645to 1.09 (9/24/2004)

  • Added a new method for swapping out a character within a text file, ignoring those items within double quotes.  Method:

Function txtChangeCharacterIgnoreWithinQuotes(sInputFile As String, sOutputFile As String, sChar As String, sCharReplace As String) As Long

1.0864 to 1.0865 (7/28/2004)

  • Added new concatenation method:

ConcatenateTwoTextFilesEx(sSourceFile As String, sTargetFile As String, lAddPageBreak As Long, lPlaceFilePath As Long) As Long

The Ex version of ConcatentateTwoFiles now has the added the ability to add page breaks and/or the name of the original and target files to the output.


1.0864 to 1.0865 (7/28/2004)

  • Added ExcelVersion property to retreive version of Excel currently installed.

1.086 to 1.0864 (7/28/2004)

  • OpenXLSSaveAs() method now generates events for all errors.

1.083 to 1.086 (7/16/2004)

  • Added csvPadForFixedLengthFields() method for making a non-fixed width CSV file, a fixed width CSV File.  You can choose which character to pad with, and which side (left or right).

1.082 to 1.083 (4/26/2004)

  • ChangeNumberFormat() enhanced to handle quotes and swap backward slashes for forward slashes.


1.08 to 1.082 (4/11/2004)

  • ChangeNumberFormat() added.  New Specialized process for Excel. Now you can change "Cell Number Formatting" of specific sheets and cells.


1.07 to 1.08 (3/18/2004)

  • CopySheet() now can handle when duplicate sheet names exist in both the original and target workbook (which can be the same workbook).  4 possible actions can be taken when duplicate sheet names are found:


    A) Copy with similar by slightly modified name

    B) Overwrite duplicates

    C) Skip any duplicates

    D) Stop copying and report an error


1.06 to 1.07 (3/15/2004)

  • CopySheet() is now fully functional and no longer restricted.  Copy a single or a whole set of sheets from a source file to a target file and retain formatting.

1.05 to 1.06 (3/6/2004)

  • Ask to update links, Alert before overwriting, and prompt for summary info issues no longer cause a message box to pop up and prompt the user for input.

1.04 to 1.05 (12/28/2003)

  • New method added, CopySheetDataEx(), for copying specified data between sheets and workbooks has enhanced CopySheetData() to handle ranges of sheets including the * for all sheets when specifying both the original and target sheets.

1.03 to 1.04 (12/04/2003)

  • Added ability to remove specific columns or rows from a worksheet.

DeleteRowsOrColumns  (sPathOriginal As String, sPathTarget As String, sSheet As String, sRowsColsToDelete As String, bDoColumns As Boolean) As Long

1.02 to 1.03 (11/19/2003)

  • Enhanced Demo program.

1.01 to 1.02 (5/8/2003)

  • Added numerous CSV manipulation routines.

1.00 to 1.01 (1/5/2003)

  • Added numerous XLS Manipulation methods.