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'Compare Database' Revision History

(Database Comparison Software)


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1.30 8-31-2005

  • Fixed up user interface

  • Enhance installation

  • Help file now includes comparedatabase.cnt which will show the table of contents when viewing help

1.22 7-11-2005

  • Fixed error with connection string being blanked out when cancel button is clicked.

  • Application now remembers last folder that OLEDB connection was made.

1.21 6-29-2005

  • Summary counts of structural changes are now displayed in progress bar when a structural comparison is done.

  • Fixed error that would occur when DSN connection was selected.

  • Added persistence for column widths for structure reporting grids.


1.20 6-15-2005

  • Added the ability to change colors.

  • Results are now buffered and are retrieved as the 'Summary of Changes' grid is scrolled down.


1.19 4-27-2005

  • HTML reports colors now match those used by application

  • Clicking on a record in the summary grid will bring that record up in the detail section of the application.

  • Help file has been modified to contain more key words.

  • Fixed error with blank row being inserted in some cases above a record in the summary grid.


1.18 4-20-2005

  • Added buttons to copy records up or down between databases.

  • Color coded returned results.

  • Records are now buffered to display at a given amount the default being 50.

  • Fixed problem with persistence not being properly maintained.


1.17 3-18-2005

  • Added progress bar to the status bar.

1.16  3-15-2005

  • Fixed problem with records that are the same being displayed as different.

  • Enhanced performance when selecting a table for data comparison.


  • Fixed screen resizing issue.

  • HTML reports will be automatically displayed after they are created.

1.00  (Genesis)