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'Compare Database' FAQ

(Database Comparison Software)



How to establish database connections

To set the connections to the database(s) the the application will use, there are two options. You can either click on the 'original' and 'modified' button. or you can select a connection that you have already used from a dropdown list that are right by the original and modified buttons.

I do a structure compare and nothing is displayed

By default the application is set to show differences only. If there are no differences in the metadata between the databases that you are comparing then nothing will be displayed. If you would like to see the metadata even if there are no differences you will need to change the settings in the application. To do this go to the main menu in the application and select 'Options'. From there select 'Settings'.   Take the check out of  'Show Differences Only'.


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How can I print/e-mail/save the results of the comparison?

View the report in HTML, from there, you can print, e-mail, or even save the report results. The HTML report is in color so differences are shown well. To get the HTML report on data differences you can either click the 'Create HTML Report' button on the 'Summary of Changes' screen or you can click the report button on the toolbar.

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When the application first start I get a message that says "No ODBC Connections were found on this system".

This message will come up if you do not have ODBC installed on your system. In order for our application to work you will need to have ODBC installed on your system.

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Are there any known bugs?

There are no pending bugs at this time. Please if you find one.

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Can I get the source code for this application?

Contact SoftInterface, for information regarding the purchase of the source code for this application.

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