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Compare Access with 'Compare Database'

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Compare SQL with 'Compare Database'

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Compare Access Databases and More with 'Compare Database'

(Database Comparison Software)

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Compare SQL with 'Compare Database'

'Compare Database' allows you to compare Access databases to each other, an Access Database to a SQL Server Database or simply compare SQL Server databases. 'Compare Database' is fast and accurate in identifying both data and structural differences between databases. Our database comparison software works the way all of our software does, accurately, quickly, simply, and affordably.


Compare Access with 'Compare Database'

'Compare Database' can display the differences in both a summary report and a detailed report. It also has the ability to create an HTML report that shows the differences record by record.


‘Compare Database’ Features

    • Compare Access (any version) to another Access Database or compare SQL Server to an Access database.
    • Identify Data differences between tables in different databases or the same database
    • Identify structure or metadata differences between databases.
    • Create an HTML summary report of the differences between a specified table between two databases.
    • Copy Data from one database to another.

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Using 'Compare Database' To Compare Data

The main application consists of four windows. The two at the top list the database objects that are in the original and the modified databases. The two at the bottom are used to either display the data differences report or the structural report depending on what you are running.

The first step in doing a data compare is to establish a connection to your both you original and modified database. 'Compare Database' makes this easy.


1) You can either use an OLEDB Connection or


2) You can use an ODBC Connection

Which ever one you choose 'Compare Database' makes it easy as all you need to is select the database as 'Compare Database' does all of the work.


Once you have established connections to both your original and modified database all you need to do to list the data objects is to click the Compare SQL with 'Compare Database' button or go to the main menu and select 'File' and then 'Run Compare'. This will populate the upper left and right windows of the application with a list of the tables and/or views in the databases. Now, from within the upper two  windows, you can select the table or view that you would like to to do a data comparison on. Once you have selected it a new window will come up that will have list of fields that both tables or views have in common, if the tables or views have no fields in common a message will come up informing you of this. Select the fields that you would like to compare and click compare. The data differences will be quickly displayed in the lower half of the application.

The data comparison results are displayed in two ways, the 'Summary of Changes' and the 'Record Change Details'. The 'Summary of Changes' displays the records that are different alternating between the original and the modified database. The 'Record Change Details' allows you to view each record in detail including the metadata or structure if you choose. You can navigate through the detailed view with the buttons shown below:




Database Comparison with 'Compare Database' 

Jumps to the first record

Compare SQL with 'Compare Database' 

Jumps to the previous record

Database Comparison with 'Compare Database' 

Jumps to the next record

Compare Access with 'Compare Database' 

Jumps to the last record


'Compare Database' also give you the ability to compare the structure or the metadata between two databases. Additions or deletions are displayed in green, changes are displayed in red. If you like to learn more about running a structural report click on running a structure compare.

Download now and try it for free and see for yourself how 'Compare Database' makes both Data and structural comparison quick and easy.

Compare Access files with 'Compare Database'!  'Compare Database' was designed originally to compare access tables, but then expanded to handle other databases.