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Compare Files X FAQ

(Compare ActiveX Component, Comparison OCX, Library and Diff DLL)


Table of Contents

  myObject = server.createobject(“COMPAREFILESX.CompareFilesXCtrl.1”)


Revision Changes

1.64 to 1.65 (5/29/2002) (* Upgrade required)

  • Compare Directories.  Case of directories no longer all Upper
  • FileCompareCreateReport() Method added to automate the process of HTML, TEXT, or CSV report creation for file comparisons
  • ReportFileTitle, ReportFileMaster and ReportFileSource properties added to support CompareFile Report creation.
  • FileCompareNumAdditions, FileCompareNumChanges, FileCompareNumDeletions properties added.  These properties are valid after a file comparison has completed

1.63 to 1.64 (2/25/2002)

  • DirCompareResultsGet() had the potential to add to the FileCompareResultsCount() internally when using negative or overly large indexes.
  • DirContentCompare property added.  Allows directory comparisons to ignore file contents when determining if files are 'similar'.  Similar files use content, size, and date as comparison criteria.
  • StateFileName property added to allow multiple CompareFilesX components to exist and allow persistence of properties between multiple instances to remain independent.

1.62 to 1.63 (1/28/2002)

  • Fixed file comparison so that differences between paragraphs is shown more accurately.

  • VB Demo now compares text files that only use a (Linefeed) and not a (Carriage Return + Linefeed) combo.

  • Added new property, StateFileName, to handle persistence properly when more than one CompareFilesX is used.

Data Type: String

Default Value: Empty String

Description: If you anticipate using more than one CompareFilesX within an application, or set of applications, set this property to a unique string.  The location at which the state of CompareFilesX is stored will then be unique.  Most users will not need to modify this variable from the default.

1.61 to 1.62 (1/10/2002)

  • FileCompareBeginSynchronous() method added to allow for synchronous file comparisons
  • Files were being locked, unable to be accessed/deleted after using this component.  This was fixed.

1.60 to 1.61 (12/02/2001)

  • Demo Program source greatly enhanced
  • Go To Difference number implemented
  • Toolbar buttons now grey out (disabled) nicely
  • Fonts Name and Size etc. are implemented and persisted.
  • Hot key conflicts resolved
  • Empty file comparison caused fault
  • Line numbers now displayed
  • Current difference is now highlighted
  • FileCompareResultsGet() had the potential to add to the FileCompareResultsCount() internally when using negative or overly large indexes.

Can I Create A Royalty Free Distribution?

Of course.  However, you MUST purchase the released version to do this.  Shareware versions cannot be cracked, and will timeout on the end users machine, causing embarrassing nag screens to come up.

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Are there any known bugs?

There are no known bugs at this time.  Please submit a bug if you find one.

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What Development Environments Can I use FindInFilesX in ?

All 32 bit development environments that support 3rd party ActiveX/OCX components.

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HTML Comparisons do not come out as expected, why is that?

HTML Documents look great in web browsers which interpret the Hyper Text Markup Language.  If you've never done so before, open the same file in notepad.exe and observe what the raw data looks like.  Comparing two HTML files is not necessarily going to get you the information you are looking for.  However a good solution can be to first convert the documents to text, and then compare the two text files.  This is possible with WordConverterX for example.  The WordDocDiff demo application employs this technique and is available for download.

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I'm trying to compare registry files and it's not working ?

Registry files combine text and binary data.  Unfortunately you'll have to compare the two files as binary.

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I'm using Borland C++ Builder v5.0, why is it not showing up after importing?

  • Download the 3 files from:  www.burble.org/aphrael/borland/borland.html
  • In the downloaded utilcls.h file, do a search and replace all "FUnction" with  "Function"
    Replace the utilcls.h files in the CBuilder5\Source\VCL and CBuilder5\Include\VCL directories
  • Select "Component | Import ActiveX Control..."
  • Click "Install"
  • Let BCB create a new package project and let it replace files.  DON'T let BCB build the new package yet.
  • Run TLIBIMP {name of your VB .ocx} with the "undocumented" -Yu option (We're uncertain what -Yu officially does, but the effect is that it makes your  component(s) visible).  You will want TLIBIMP to replace the files created  when BCB installed the .OCX.
  • Replace the files created when BCB installed the OCX (see the Program 8FIles\Borland\CBuilder5\Imports\ directory
  • Make sure the {FINDINFILES_TLB.cpp} file is included in the package (by default it is dclusr50.cpp).  Edit
    the {package name}.cpp file and see what files are listed.  Place the following line USEUNIT("..\Imports\FindInFilesX_TLB.cpp") below
  • Now, return to the package project window and compile.

When done, install the package and your controls should appear on the chosen palette.