WDD (Excel Comparison Tool)

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Need MS Word/Excel, PDF, Text, RTF or HTM file comparison?  See the 'Diff Doc'TMtool also.

WDD (WordDocDiff) is a file/folder comparison program with many enhancements to specifically handle comparing Excel files.  Select what sheets to compare, in addition to what rows and columns. Also, when doing an Excel comparison you can choose to compare formulas or values.

Compare Excel Files with Excel Comparison Software from SoftInterface

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Typically, users first compare folders, as shown above, to see what files have changed, then simply double click changed files (highlighted in red) to compare them.   

Compare Excel Files with Excel Comparison Software from SoftInterface

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"Thank you for providing a product that saves me time, gives me the details I need, plus you seek feedback in order to improve your product - all at a competitive price! Compare Excel Files made easy." Mario Lopez (mariolopez@att.com), CSOFR WordDocDiff 6/21/2002

Comparing Excel files?  Compare Excel Files With WordDocDiff

Display Differences in one of two views.  The "Side By Side" view above, or the "All In One" view shown below.

Comparing Excel files? Compare Excel Files with WordDocDiff

You can create reports for each of the main functions of this program.  Also, you can run this application from the command line allowing you to extend the functionality of existing applications and automate the compare Excel process.

For extremely different files, Word Doc Diff has two alignment features to provide meaningful comparisons.  Firstly, you can line up certain rows/paragraphs in case there are large spacing issues.  Secondly, for rows/paragraphs that have been swapped within the modified file, you can swap them back while doing the compare.  Both alignment features are retained in the HTML report that can be created. 

Lastly the Mini-DiffTM tool shown below is built in (also available as a separate stand alone product).  Mini-Diff allows you to copy and paste text from any program and do a quick diff on it.

Compare XLS with WordDocDiff

  • For Comparing Excel and:
  • (*.DOC) MS Word
  • (*.WPD) WordPerfect
  • (*.RTF) Rich Text Format
  • (*.TXT) Text 
  • (*.ASC) MS Dos Text with Layout 
  • (*.ANS) Text With Layout 
  • (*.MCW) Word For Macintosh 
  • (*.WPS) Works for Windows
  • Binary files

  • Comparing of folders

  • Finding Text in Files (spanning directories)


Compare XLS Files

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"I am fully contented with the functions offered by WordDocDiff.  I had to compare and harmonize two versions of my translation of a book (German into Esperanto). Having forgotten to activate the 'monitor changes' function of Word, I thought many hours of work would be awaiting me. It occurred to me though that I had read something about a program capable of comparing files. So I asked 'Google' to look for 'software compare files', and, lo and behold, one of the first hits was your company. I downloaded your program, and half an hour after installation my problem had already been solved completely. The report, generated by your program within seconds, clearly highlighted all differences between the two versions."  Ten Day Software -  Jim Friedman - (E-Mail Jim) President. 6/3/2002