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WordConverterExe Revision History

(Command Line or GUI Driven file conversion)

1.74 to 1.76 (6/1/2004)

1.                Message appears on first use asking the user to select document or spreadsheet conversion; the correct tab is set accordingly.

2.                Message appears one time only when the user is attempting a conversion that is suspect (e.g. .doc from the spreadsheet tab).

3.                Error handling has been added to the Excel conversions to trap on WordConverterExe generating an error due to incompatible file types, specifically when attempting a .doc conversion from within the spreadsheet tab.

1.73 to 1.74 (5/30/2003)

1.  Double quotes around the /K and /W params were causing an issue. This has been fixed.

1.72 to 1.73 (3/20/2003)

1.  *.* now works as source folder.

2.  Optimized application for speed (call this is an issue).  This is particularly useful for those who are converting huge numbers of files.

1.71 to 1.72 (11/18/2002)

1. Optimized application to save resources such as memory more effectively.  This is particularly useful for those who are converting huge numbers of files.

1.70 to 1.71 (10/28/2002)

1. /M# Switch implemented to allow for changing a CSV file's (Comma delimited file) delimitation character from a comma to whatever character you want.

2. The /P9 switch has been added to add double quotes (") around all data fields in a CSV file.

3. Help file now comes up properly when F1 is pressed

4. Directory selection now quicker

1.69 to 1.70 (10/4/2002)

1. All possible conversion types supported for MS Word

1.68 to 1.69 (8/15/2002)

1. Concatenation of Unicode files now supported (/P13)

1.67 to 1.68 (7/18/2002)

1. Command line only: When using quotes to specify source file, an error "Source File is Invalid" would occur.

1.66 to 1.67 (5/3/2002)

1. A new special processing constant (12) has been added to concatenate all processed files, skipping the first line of each file.

2.  Sheets to be converted can now be specified using ranges using the new /N switch.  The syntax is: "1,5-10,20" where commas and dashes indicate single and whole sections of sheets.  Use the "*" to convert all sheets in the file.  The exported files will have the following name: OriginalFileName_N.TargetExtension where N is the sheet number.


1.65 to 1.66 (4/30/2002)

1. A new special processing constant (11) has been added to remove control-characters (line feed/carriage returns etc) between Quotes.

2.  Multiple Special processing switches now handled.  For example:

WCX /S D:\a\*.xls /T d:\b\*.CSV /R /C6 /E  /P6 /P11 /P1  /F D:\b\MyTargetFile.CSV

P6 is removal of extra lines from CSV file, P11 is remove control chars from within quotes and P1 is concatenation of all processed files.

3. WCE.EXE now enforces that you have at least the following switches in the command line otherwise nothing is done: /S /T  /C#  (Source file(s), Target file(s), and Conversion type)

1.64 to 1.65 (2/20/2002)

1.  New switch added "/L" Log file path and name (i.e. d:\mylogs\WCE.LOG ) If this switch is specified a log file with the given path and name will be created and the results of the conversion will be written to it. 


1.63 to 1.64 (2/8/2002)

1.  Multi-file conversions now supported.

2.  Subdirectories now supported for multi-file conversions

3.  Persistence of Graphical User Interface implemented

4.  Special processing for files after conversions now available

1.62 to 1.63 (12/19/2001)

1.  WordConverterEXE can select the sheet number to convert. Formerly, only the first sheet in a  work book would be converted.  

2.  Error handling now implemented thoroughly.  New error codes:

       A) -5  = Invalid Sheet number specified

       B) -6  = Source and Target file are the same

       C) -100 = Conversion failed, ensure MS Office installed