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WordConverterExe FAQ

(Command Line or GUI Driven file conversion)


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When I convert WordPerfect Documents, or other document types, it doesn't really convert them

Be sure that MS Word/Excel is installed and that you can open the file type in question.  Typically WordPerfect cannot immediately open within MS Word without first installing the necessary file filter.  You can remedy this problem by simply opening up the document type in question within Word/Excel.  Word/Excel will prompt you to install the necessary module.  Also, you can run the installation for MS Office and add the necessary file filters for MS Word.

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Conversion is shown as successful, yet nothing was converted

Be certain that your version of MS Word/Excel has been activated.

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I Can't Seem To Convert from XLS to HTML

Office 97 does things slightly differently when it comes to HTML, as you can see, it is the only file format that is directly available from the MS Excel's "File" menu. All other formats are accessible in the Save As dialog. In Office 2000, all file formats are handled similarly. To convert Excel files to HTML you must have Office 2000 or better.

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Any other known bugs or Issues?

See Revisions above for version to version details.  Also, Please submit a bug if you find one.

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Running With Opalis

Opalis has a scheduling program called ConsoleRunner.  You must activate the ConsoleRunner service in ord for WCX.EXE to run correctly through Opalis. With ConsoleRunner activated, you can run a batch file correctly.

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