Softinterface FAQ - Windows Updates

Windows Update KB929057

   How to Recreate

    MS Windows Server 2003 SP1 Standard Edition (using at the Server not as a network application)

    MS Word 2003 (11.6568.8122) SP2

    'Diff Doc' Version: 3.51 or 'Convert Doc' (when using the 'MS Word' conversion method)

DiffDoc works fine comparing Word 2003 documents – BUT - consistently hangs if system has Windows Update KB929057 applied. All other system updates are in place and do not seem to effect the operation of DiffDoc. The DiffDoc application is comparing the same documents, the only difference is the presence of the mentioned update.

There is currently no work around for this, other than removing this update. From the research we've done and continue to do, there seems to be no reason why this Windows update should adversely effect our program.