Uninstalling a Softinterface Product

Our installation includes only what you expect, one well written Softinterface program.

It is highly suggested that you uninstall before upgrading to a newer version of the product.

To uninstall click the Start button from the task bar and select Settings then Control Panel.

Within the control panel select the Add/Remove Programs icon. Click on the Softinterface product name in the list box and then click the Add/Remove button to uninstall.

All files copied during the installation will be removed (only if other programs are not currently dependent on them). Furthermore, if files have been added to the installation directory (i.e. program files you created) then the uninstall wizard will report that not all directories could be deleted. You will have to manually remove these files. Look in the:

 %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\

folder for those files you created and optionally delete these files.