'Convert Image To PDF' Change History

A Complete Image to PDF Software Solution

Major Upgrades

  • Moving licenses between PCs on Windows 11 and greater was resolved: Version 15.40, June 2023

  • Certified Windows 11 compatibility, app load time reduced: Version 15.00. February, 2022

  • User interface completely updated. Fonts are now 25% bigger. Version 11.50. March, 2017

  • Windows Server 2016 (beta) Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 4.48. December 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 4.48. December 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 10 Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 4.48. December 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 8.1 Compatibility. Versions (10.00, 4.48. December 2015). Critical upgrade if you are going to use Windows 8.1 or newer.

  • Windows 8 Compatibility. Versions (4.00, 4.10, 4.20, 4.36-4.37)

  • Windows 7 Compatibility. Versions (3.00, 4.00, 4.36-4.37) 

Detailed Change History

15.40 (6/6/2023)

  • Moving a licenses between two computers with Windows 11 was failing.

15.30 (1/3/2023)

  • Application load time reduced. The number of input/output files within the drop down list box was reduced from 10 to 6 for faster load times. Scheduling form job source most recently used list was reduced from 20 to 10.

15.20 (12/07/2022)

  • Documentation updated for accuracy and completeness.

15.00 (2/6/2022)

  • Certified Windows 11 compatibility

14.10 (12/11/2020)

  • Registration issue resolved. Users who are attempting to upgrade options (e.g. Server upgrade) and already had registered all users were running into problems. The newly purchased options were not being implemented.

14.00 (10/30/2020)

  • Sample batch files had incorrectly referenced the incorrect URL for further examples.
  • These sample batch files have been updated for clarity also.
  • Sample batch files are available in this folder after installation:

  • %appdata%\SoftInterface, Inc\Convert Image To PDF\Demo Batch Files\

13.60 (1/20/2020)

  • User Interface: Language files were not being shown properly.

13.50 (11/1/2019)

  • Documentation updated for accuracy.
  • Tutorial Videos updated. Now hosted on YouTube as a watch-list.

13.30 (6/1/2019)

  • User interface: Brazilian-Portuguese language localization file added.

13.20 (3/8/2019)

  • User interface: Language selection dialog had a bug. Closing using the top right 'control box' we cause app to revert to English.

13.00 (10/29/2018)

  • Documentation updated to show videos properly

12.20 (3/22/2018)

  • Command Line: Using /L{Log File} switch created an extra output log file.

12.085 (2/15/2018)

  • Image loading times enhanced.

11.50 (3/22/2017)

  • User interface completely updated. Fonts are now 25% bigger. This is great for those using bigger monitors.

11.40 (1/23/2017)

  • Command line /? switch now works. Help file was shutting down, now opens equivalent URL.

11.30 (12/19/2016)

11.10 (11/23/2016)

  • Installation was enhanced to allow for wrapping application within a service.

10.10 (5/10/2016)

  • Wild card usage has been greatly enhanced. Both "?" and "*" are now available to specify the INPUT file(s). Wildcard characters are used in searching through file directories for similar file names. For example if all the TIF files on a project start with the characters "B9"
    you could easily specify all the files using "B9*.TIF".

10.07 (2/10/2016)

  • Skip INPUT files already processed (i.e. Do not overwrite existing Output files)  implemented in the File\Options menu item. Any input file that has an associated output file that exists will not be processed when this feature is enabled. This is useful for processing the same folder repeatedly while not converting files that have already been done.

10.03 (12/14/2015)

  • During registration, the "Register Now" button sometimes did nothing.

10.00 (12/13/2015) from 4.48 (12/1/2015)

  • Addressed several application stability issues.
  • Critical update. Windows 10 Compatibility. Do not use Windows 10 with a version earlier than 10.00.
  • Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1) Compatibility modifications completed. Please upgrade if you haven't done so already. This version will be much more reliable on the latest operating systems.


4.46 (8/10/2015)

  • Added ability to preserve time stamp to output file. See the File\Options menu item


4.40 (1/23/2015)

  • Japanese help file added


4.38 (10/16/2014)

  • When adding the first conversion item, the user interface now selects the just added item in the 'Conversion Task List'. This allows for modifying the just added item with the Update button. Previously, a user would have to manually click the just added row to modify it. This is much more user friendly.


4.37 (8/21/2014)

  • Documentation updated to reflect recent enhancements
  • Languages folder has been moved to the %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\ folder.


4.36 (8/11/2014)

  • Application default font set to Tahoma. In some instances of Windows 7 (perhaps 8.x) the default font "MS Sans Serif" was installed but not the smaller type fonts. This resulted in a user interface with text much too large.


4.30 (7/15/2014)

  • Application prevents user from writing to operating system protected folders
  • Application loads and exits faster now. Needless startup and shut down items removed.
  • User interface: The 'Conversion Task List' grid now auto-sizes the Input and Output file columns making it much easier to see everything.
  • User interface: The LOG displays much better now that the table auto-sizes allowing for the viewing of the error/warning.
  • User interface: CTRL-TAB and (SHIFT-CTRL-TAB) now works for Tabbed items within dialog boxes.
  • If a 'Conversion Job' file (e.g. *.SII) has #OPEN.SII at the end of the filename then the 'conversion job' will only be opened for editing and not executed when chosen from Windows Explorer. For example a file named c:\MyJobs\WorkingOnThis#OPEN.SII  will open within the user interface when double clicked. Without the #OPEN.SII the 'Conversion Job' file will execute as before.
  • User interface: Adjusted user interface to handle Windows 7 64 bit default font size
  • User interface: When opening a conversion Job file, the default folder will initially be %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Image to PDF\
  • Demonstration 'Conversion Job' files are now installed in  %AppData%\Softinterface, Inc\Convert Image to PDF\ folder.
  • Users can specify the following in the program and command line:






4.20  (6/5/2014)

  • Manual updated
  • Version number now shown when launching application.
  • Windows 8 Installation - Removed excess icons in the Start menu.


4.10 (11/18/2013)

  • Registration upgraded to handle Windows 8.


4.01  (10/24/2013)

  • If the program was closed while the size was maximized to the screen the software would not re-open. This was introduced in version 4.00.


4.00 (10/18/2013)

  • Installation upgraded to handle Windows 8 and Windows 7.


3.61 (7/26/2013)

  • Double clicking on a conversion item in the conversion task list now opens the Advanced Options dialog.
  • Documentation greatly enhanced clarity and accuracy.
  • Language files updated.


3.60 (7/22/2013)

  • Documentation/Help updated. Chrome now works properly for html web based help.


3.57 (5/30/2013)

  • A warning occurred when specifying an Input File with TIFF file extension.  *.TIFF and *.JPEG are now allowed without warning.


3.56 (5/30/2013)

  • Selecting the INPUT or OUTPUT folder. When the asterisk was used, the program would always start the selection at the root ("computer") instead of the path last chosen. This is now resolved allowing for quick file/folder selection.


3.50 (8/21/2012)

  • Command Line: If the target file extension was *.PDF it was coming out *.pdf (lower case). Now it takes whatever extension is passed to it.


3.40 (7/30/2012)

  • Conversion Items may now be moved within the 'Conversion Task List'. Select the CONVERSION menu item or the RIGHT MOUSE CLICK to open a pop-up menu item. Move UP, DOWN, FIRST, and LAST are now available. CTRL-U and CTRL-D also move a conversion item up and down respectively.
  • Users may now be asked to save the 'Conversion Job' file if they are exiting, loading an existing 'Conversion Job' file, or requesting to create a new 'Conversion Job'. If there is no 'conversion job' file at the time, there must be at least 2 conversion items in the 'Conversion job' to be asked to save. Users will not be asked to save if they've loaded a 'Conversion Job' and haven't modified it.

3.30 (5/21/2012)

  • Command Line: A time stamp will be put in the log file (if /L is specified).


3.20 (3/8/2012)

  • When an error was encountered converting multipage tiffs, the conversions after the error would only produce single page pdfs.
  • Additional measures were implemented to handle ill-formatted image files. This means higher compatibility with all image files.


3.10 (9/2/2011)

  • User Interface greatly enhanced.

    'Convert Image to PDF' new user interface

3.00 (8/12/2011)

  • Windows 7 compatibility enhancements made.  Default report folders now updated.


2.42 (2/12/2010)

  • Japanese language file updated
  • Most recently used conversion jobs are no longer saved in language module


2.40 (12/23/2009)

  • Help system completely rewritten.  CHM help file now used, and web help is there for backup.
  • User Interface: The terms "Original" and "Target" file have been replaced with the more intuitive "Input" and "Output" respectively.
  • User Interface: If users launch the target file and it does not exist, now it opens the folder in explorer.
  • The most recently used file list was being placed into the language module. This has been resolved.


2.32 (10/27/2009)

  • User Interface: Upon completion of a Conversion Job, the status bar now flashes 100% complete.  If minimized, the taskbar flashes to indicate completion.
  • User Interface: When running the scheduler, if program is minimized the time remaining shows up in the task bar.
  • User Interface: When running the scheduler, PAUSE button now enabled to halt scheduler.

2.31 (8/19/2009)

  • Shell Extender was enhanced, it is much more intuitive now
  • The Shell Extender would open the file specified, however the user interface did not look proper.

2.30 (8/13/2009)

  • Move the input (original) file after processing has been added as a 'program option'. See the File\Options menu or the Advanced Options button in the user interface.  This will be very helpful for those looking to use the scheduler to convert a specific folder of files while avoiding redundant conversions.
  • Scheduler updated. Countries where time format was MM/DD/YYYY were sometimes problematic.

 2.28 (6/12/2009)

  • Command Line: /O switch was broken.

2.27 (5/29/2009)

  • Command Line: Full path not required for /S /T /L /B and /J. If the full path is not specified it is assumed the current folder will be used. If the current folder path is invalid, then the folder that contains ConvertXLS.exe will be used. This makes it easy to specify the command line like so:

          ConvertITP.EXE /S "Good Coffee.BMP" /T "CoffeeOut.pdf" /F0

2.25 to 2.26 (4/23/2009)

  • Usability: Most Recently Used Conversion Job files now available from the FILE menu item.

2.24 to 2.25 (3/29/2009)

  • Usability: Users no longer have to press the ADD button for the program to convert. Upon pressing the ADD button, the program assumes you will be creating a conversion job that has more than one conversion item.

  • Usability: When pressing the PAUSE button, the status bar now reflects this fact, and the Green check or Red X is properly displayed if the last running conversion job finished.

  • Usability: Users no longer have to press REWIND if the last run went to 100% completion.

  • Error Logging: If users pressed PAUSE during a conversion job, and then clicked CONVERT, any errors logged from this point had an incorrect 'Conversion Job Number'.

  • General: Loading and unloading the program will be faster. Only 10 (instead of 20) most recently compared items will be stored/retrieved.

  • Command Line: Should run much faster now that many ini parameters are not being unnecessarily loaded.

2.23 to 2.24 (2/26/2009)

  • General. Loading the application should occur faster.

2.22 to 2.23 (8/29/2008)

  • Conversion: When selecting an input file, the output file would default to all lower case. It now defaults to the case of the input file.

2.21 to 2.22 (8/15/2008)

  • Command Line, when no path was given and double quotes were used, an error would occur.

2.20 to 2.21 (2/7/2008)

  • Localization. User interface enhanced for Portuguese language file. Portuguese language file enhanced.

  • Scheduler: Certain regional settings such as Greece, made the scheduler behave incorrectly.

  • Faster conversion times.

2.19 to 2.20 (10/26/2007)

  • File\Options: When TIF files were being converted, the 'Delete Original Files After Processing" option was not working properly.

2.18 to 2.19 (10/26/2007)

  • Files are now processed alphabetically, regardless of case (case insensitive)

  • Scheduler: When using international operating system, then restarting program sometimes caused an issue due to international dates.

2.17 to 2.18 (10/26/2007)

  • Files are now processed alphabetically, regardless of case (case insensitive)

2.16 to 2.17 (9/19/2007)

  • Conversion: Selecting an original file type automatically changes the file path and extension making it easier to use the program.

2.14 to 2.16 (8/23/2007)

  • Conversion: When a failure occurs, the program automatically will try the AUTODETECT file type to recover.

2.13 to 2.14 (6/20/2007)

  • Window Vista: More compatibility issues resolved. Help file specifically addressed

2.12 to 2.13 (5/16/2007)

  • Conversion of TIFFS: When converting files that were not images, errors were not being reported.

2.11 to 2.12 (4/12/2007)

  • Windows Explorer Shell Extender was crashing. Error was "External Error: ActivexControl Can't Create Object"

  • Scheduler: Timing was off when approaching midnight. Date is now taken into consideration.

  • Japanese Language File updated

2.10 to 2.11 (3/28/2007)

  • Registration: A small issue existed in countries where the decimal was a comma, not a period (i.e. France).

2.09 to 2.10 (3/13/2007)

  • File Conversion: TIFF Files can now specify which pages within the TIFF to convert

  • File Conversion: TIFF Files can now specify compression method, thereby making for smaller PDF files.

2.08 to 2.09 (12/26/2006)

  • File Conversion: After using the Update button, file would appear to convert successfully, but no file is produced.

2.07 to 2.08 (11/15/2006)

  • File conversion: The 'Autodetect' for the Original file type is now more visible, moved it toward the top of the list of file types.

2.06 to 2.07 (11/6/2006)

  • If users now selects to "Append" the images to the PDF, this will now occur, even if the users specified something like "C:\output\*.PDF" as the target file.

  • Context menu. From Windows Explorer, you may select multiple files and choose to: A) Convert to a single PDF or B) Convert to multiple PDFs

  • Documentation completely updated.  Command Line Examples added.

  • Languages: Italian user interface language module added.

2.05 to 2.06 (10/26/2006)

  • Errors were not being reported if some TIF files were corrupted.

2.04 to 2.05 (10/18/2006)

  • Special Process "[60] Launch (Run) a program" now works with BAT files

2.03 to 2.04 (9/22/2006)

  • Command Line: If a conversion job was not rewound, the command line would report a successful conversion, even though it did nothing. Now, if doing the command line, the complete conversion job is done from beginning to end, regardless of whether or not the conversion job was rewound last time it was edited.

  • Max number of files during trial changed from 250 to 100

2.02 to 2.03 (8/22/2006)

  • GIF format added to available file types for conversion.

2.01 to 2.02 (7/6/2006)

  • Japanese Language file updated

1.40 to 2.01 (6/7/2006)

  • A Windows Explorer Context menu has been added allowing users to quickly and easily convert images to PDF from within the Windows Explorer.

  • Ability to select subfolders was hidden, this is now visible

1.30 to 1.40 (2/15/2006)

  • Delete file after processing was failing if the file had read only attributes. Read only attributes are now changed to read/write before deleting.

  • Target file button was being hidden whenever the original file was specified with the wildcard (*) asterisk.  Target file button is now always displayed.

1.20 to 1.30 (2/7/2006)

  • Conversion and special processing: Files are sorted now when specifying a whole folder with the wildcard syntax.

1.12 to 1.20 (11/23/2005)

  • Conversion: Target file now properly adjusted when adding a Conversion item if not correctly entered.

1.11 to 1.12 (10/25/2005)

  • Conversion: Target file path and name now auto-created as Original file is entered.

1.10 to 1.11 (10/4/2005)

  • Enhanced user interface

  • Added Spanish Language file

1.09 to 1.10 (6/19/2005)

  • Enhanced user interface by making the buttons more aesthetic.

1.08 to 1.09 (4/6/2005)

  • Enhanced user interface by making the toolbar buttons more instructive. Message boxes now prompt user to correct actions.

1.07 to 1.08 (3/12/2005)

  • You can now launch BAT files from the "Launch (Run) Program" special process

  • File\Options menu item added

  • File\Options\ Delete original files after processing option added

  • File\Options\ Log file of files converted now optional

  • File\Option menu item added, allowing for the retry of a conversion if it fails initially. The retry will attempt to autodetect the original file type, if it was not originally set to do so.

  • /Z switch added for Verbose Logging while doing command line.

  • German Help File now added

1.06 to 1.07 (2/15/2005)

  • German Language file added.

1.05 to 1.06 (2/5/2005)

  • User Interface given a 'Face Lift'

  • Installation redone to fix several issues.

1.04 to 1.05 (1/27/2005)

  • Added enhance error handling by allowing for improperly named files to still be converted.  For example a JPG named as wrong.tif may still work, even though the extension is incorrect.

1.03 to 1.04 (11/15/2004)

  • Command Line no longer checks for file extension matching.  This resolves a command line issue in which the program incorrectly reported: "Conversion Job File (*.SII) specified in the command line (/J) does not exist." And "Missing required or invalid command line argument(s)".

1.028 to 1.03 (10/22/2004)

  • LZW compressed TIFF's now supported!!!!

  • Minor fixes in User interface and image conversion

1.026 to 1.028 (7/18/2004)

  • A wildcard for the 'Original File' can now be specified when the target file is a single file.  For example you can specify "D:\MyImages\*.JPG" for the original and "c:\output\output.PDF" as the Target file now.  Allowing for this enables the appending of numerous images to an existing PDF.

1.025 to 1.026 (7/2/2004)

  • User interface now updates file type for the original file automatically and also warns user if there is a mismatch before adding.

  • If a general failure occurs when converting more than one file, it continues to convert instead of stopping upon first failure.

1.024B to 1.025 (6/23/2004)

  • User interface (not command line): It is now impossible to enter a double quotation character (e.g. ") whenever specifying a file.

  • When loading a 'Conversion Job', it would not inform you that a target folder did not exist, and when trying to run this conversion job, it would report a General Failure.  Now, the directory will be created for you, and if it can't be, a proper error message will be reported.

1.022B to 1.024 (5/21/2004)

  • Some Tif's were being inverted in color when converted to a PDF file. This is now fixed.


1.022 to 1.022B (4/22/2004)

  •  Fixes issues with some images that do not have resolutions set within them (uses default resolution, Windows 9x shows this, Windows 2K/XP "assume" resolutions if there are none set)


1.021 to 1.022 (4/15/2004)

  •    Enhanced installation

  •    Included demo files for example purposes in installation

  •    Improved documentation greatly.


1.02 to 1.021 (3/25/2004)

  • /O switch changed to /D for specifying 'Creator' of the PDF file.


1.01 to 1.02 (3/10/2004)

  • Specify save to original folder added

  • User interface enhanced greatly

  • Now allows for all possible file formats supported by MS Word

  • Saving to a target folder now creates the sub-folders which mirror the originals


1.00 to 1.01 (3/1/2004)

  • Command Line added