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File Conversion

Adobe Systems Inc. Chooses 'Convert Doc'.  A custom site license has been signed by Adobe allowing them to install 'Convert Doc' on their servers.  They will be using it specifically to do Doc to HTML conversions. "We look forward to using your product and potentially working together in the future",

Bob Free, Adobe

"Great customer service, prompt attention to our requirements, and lightening speed development has been my experience with the staff at SoftInterface Inc. Within a few hours of installing the WordConverterEXE product, I was convinced that I made the right choice in doing business with this company.

For several months now, their product has been working in mission critical environment flawlessly. With a few enhancement requests that were completed and delivered the same day they were asked for, WordconverterEXE has saved us time and money.

It was a pleasure dealing with your team. Thanks Again!"

IBM Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Bruce King

Your products are very impressive, easy to use and script compatible, for what we desired in the management of MS Word and Excel files. Thank you for your continue contact with me in regards to these tools. Mark Purinton EMC Corporation  'Diff Doc'  + 'Convert Doc'

"Thank you for providing a product that saves me time, gives me the details I need, plus you seek feedback in order to improve your product - all at a competitive price!" Mario Lopez ([email protected]), CSOFR WordDocDiff

"I am fully contented with the functions offered by WordDocDiff.  I had to compare and harmonize two versions of my translation of a book (German into Esperanto). Having forgotten to activate the 'monitor changes' function of Word, I thought many hours of work would be awaiting me. It occurred to me though that I had read something about a program capable of comparing files. So I asked 'Google' to look for 'software compare files', and, lo and behold, one of the first hits was your company. I downloaded your program, and half an hour after installation my problem had already been solved completely. The report, generated by your program within seconds, clearly highlighted all differences between the two versions."  Ten Day Software -  Jim Friedman - President.

'Diff Doc':  "I was able to use it to very successfully manage some difficult slides in
several large PowerPoint slide decks. I had built a number of sets that had
overlapping content -- or worse yet, different versions of overlapping
content -- and used the tool to build a new set with the latest from all,
and no overlap.

You can quote me on that.

This would be a great tool for folks who use PP a lot or have really big
decks (50-500 slides across various decks) like I do."

Richard Hale Shaw

(Richard Hale Shaw Group)

'CONVERT XLS': "The program worked great. It took me a few minutes to get it to work, and also how to figure out how to do a tab delimited conversion. I am a sales representative for an industrial lighting supplier. My territory has no geographic boundaries. So... I was hoping to import an excel spreadsheet with over 2000 contacts, emails, phone #s etc. to my email client pegasus mail, and it worked beautifully. So now I can use webminer to extract the information from directory websites, and download it to a spreadsheet, convert the spreadsheet to a tab delimited file, and import the info to my email program. Thank you very much for allowing me to uncover literally thousands of leads in a matter of minutes. What a great product...

Please use this response as a letter of referral if you would like."

James Fitzgerald

'CONVERT DOC': "Your software did the job. I am happy to have my following comments used
on your site:

Convert Doc is astonishing software. I faced the daunting task of
converting 3400 text-only files in 143 folders and sub folders. Convert
Doc did the job is less than two minutes and I can now put the material
(more than two million words) on the Web.

It would have taken hours to do manually or even with other conversion
software which does not batch process sub-folders.

Great software. I thoroughly recommend it."

Crispin Hull


file conversion

MDdatacor Selects 'Convert Doc' For It's File Conversion Needs!

ATLANTA, GA, --- MDdatacor, inc., a leading provider of clinical information management products for physician practices and the healthcare industry, recently choose Convert Doc, a document conversion utility, from SoftInterface, Inc. as its product of choice to convert "Office" style documents to standard text files.

Your wonderful utility took a mere ten minutes to append all 22,000 files into one gigantic 2 gigabyte file. For comparison purposes, the program that wrote the files took approximately 30 hours to write out said 22,000 files. System: 1GHz Pentium/512 Meg RAM Laptop 'Convert XLS'  Linda Romano

"We are very pleased with our decision to go with Convert Doc," commented Tim Lewis, MDdatacor Vice President of Information Systems. "It is a resource efficient program that currently converts over 75,000 documents a day for us. We like the fact that the program has a command line interface that allows us to integrate it into our automation routine. We evaluated other software packages costing 10 to 20 times more, but selected Convert Doc due to its speed and SoftInterface's service. We have been very pleased with how quickly SoftInterface's development team responds to our feedback and requests."


Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Vanier Shane - Senior Project Officer. WordDocDiff

"I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that without a doubt we made the right decision buying your product!!!" Patillo Consulting, Richard Patillo Owner, WordConvertereEXE

"We were most impressed with FindInFilesX, and have used it in the development of EasyOffice Premium (www.e-press.com). On the few times required, Allen Segall provided outstanding technical support."  Howard Schneider, President, E-Press Corp.

"If I were to write an item of software that needed to compare two different files this would probably be the component I would choose. The authors of this OCX have taken something as simple as File/Folder comparison, and taken it to the next level by adding advanced options and tools." Jason Brimblecombe OCX Review CompareFilesX

"I ended up writing one myself. I am a contractor and the client did not want to spend the money...It ended up costing more for me to write...."  LJ   WordConverterEXE

"The downloaded trial functions exactly as I hoped it would and I would like to purchase the product..." "Thank you for building a wonderful product." Sincerely, Russell Downing  WordConverterEXE

"The quality of both the products and service was excellent.  Detailed help files and demonstration source code allowed us to get our applications up and running with little resistance."  Arnold Cliff, Program Manager Sorian Software