Softinterface Purchasing FAQ


Questions and Answers

Do You Accept a Purchase Order

Yes we do. We attempt to process purchase orders the same business day and send you an acknowledgement. Email the purchase order to:


IMPORTANT: What to include in the purchase order:

  1. Exactly what you want to order.  Generating a quote and including it with the PO is very helpful.

  2. Please be certain to include an e-mail for delivery in the PO.

  3. Clearly display both the Billing and Delivery address.

  4. Payment terms are NET 30

Need our company name, address etc.? See our About Us Page.

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Can I get A Quote

Certainly, you can generate a quote by going to our online catalog, click on the product you are interested in, select the options, then click the Quote button.

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How much is it, where are the prices?

Certainly. Our online catalog, which accepts all major credit cards, is at:

It is also accessible from our Home page, by clicking on the "Buy Now" button in the upper left corner.  The total price is shown in red as you pick and choose various options.  You can also create a quote from there.

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Currency Concerns

Our online catalog is in US Dollars. If you want to see how much it is in your currency simply go to this site:

 The Universal Currency Converter

All major credit cards are accepted and handle the currency conversion.

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Payment Methods

We accept these forms of payment:

  • All major credit cards

  • PayPal

  • Check

  • Wire transfer to our bank

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