Softinterface Registration FAQ


Questions and Answers

The computer you are trying to register is not connected to the internet

This is something that can be easily overcome.  Follow these directions:

1. Go to the Help\About menu item within the program.
2. Enter the Activation Key in the entry box and press Done/Enter.
3. Go to the Help\Registration menu item within the program

4. Now instead of clicking the 'Register Now' button, make a note of two things:

     A. Your Activation Key (Given to you in the e-mail upon purchase)

     B. The Registration ID (Shown in the Help\Registration menu item)

     C. [OPTIONAL] If you have an UPGRADE KEY make a note of that too.

5. Get on a computer that is connected to the internet and go to:

6. Register the product with the information you got from step 4, and you'll get a FINAL KEY.

7. Enter the Final Key from step 6 in the Help\Registration menu item of the computer that is not connected to the internet. Relax, you are now done!

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My software is no longer registered

Please have FULL administrative privileges while installing and registering.  

Below is a URL which illustrates exactly how to register our software product. The directions must be followed as shown, no steps may be skipped.

We don't create software that simply removes it's registration, however, these may be reasons why it happened:

1. Went to the help\about menu item and altered the 'Final Key' inadvertently

2. Something may have corrupted or changed your system.

3. Accidentally install a 2nd version of our software on the same PC

Activation Key Not properly entered

  This is the single most common issue that people run into. Our activation keys are between 20 and 30 characters long. 

A) COPY AND PASTE the Activation key from the e-mail we sent you into the Help\Registration menu item of our program, this way human error is much less likely.

B) Double and triple check each character is being entered exactly as given in the e-mail we sent upon purchase, Include any negative/dash symbols

C) Do not introduce any extra characters

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The Activation Key being used is not compatible with the version of the software you are using

Generally, if you purchased before September of 2003 and you are attempting to use a new version of our product,  you will need a newer 'Activation Key'.  If you purchase the 1 year upgrade agreement will provide you with a new Activation Key, in addition to an 'Upgrade Key' which is valid for 12 months of free upgrades.  If you suspect this is your issue, please install your earlier version of our program, or purchase a 1 year upgrade.  Purchasing a 1 year upgrade is possible by e-mailing us at .

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Citrix style registration

Q: Registration on Citrix for remote sessions not working

A: Register the software from a remote desktop user session, not locally on the server itself.

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