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Here are some examples of command line usage.  Additional examples and a full discussion of using the command line can be found online in the documentation

NOTE: A mistake most commonly made when constructing a command line is confusing the file type constants for SPECIAL PROCESSES and the file type constants for CONVERSION (switches /F# and /C# for original and target file type constant respectively).  Be certain you are using the appropriate constants. The documentation contains the constants.

Job Description

How It Does It

Command Line

Convert a CSV file to an XLS file using 'Convert XLS's built in conversion algorithm (MS Excel is NOT required). Specify original file (/S E:\TryMe.CSV) type as CSV (/F6) and the target file (/T E:\Tryme.XLS) type as XLS (/C-4143).  Use the 'Convert XLS' conversion method (/M2). ConvertXLS /SE:\TryMe.CSV /F6 /T E:\Tryme.XLS /C-4143 /M2

Convert a semicolon delimited file to a comma delimited file

Specify original file type as csv (/F30); run special process 75 (/P75) to replace a character.  Character to replace (/1) is ASCII character 59, a semicolon.  Replacement character (/2) is ASCII character 44, a comma.

ConvertXLS /F30 /S"E:\TryMe.txt" /T"E:\Output.TXT" /P75 /1 59 /2 44
Remove Linefeed (CR+LF) from worksheet cells.
NOTES: When converting from Excel to a CSV file, newline characters can cause problems. Look at this example to see how to remove newline characters prior to converting to CSV or TXT.

Special Process 109 Search and Replace the Linefeed (ASCII 10) character with the Space (ASCII 32) character.

ConvertXLS  /S"C:\In\Input.xlsx" /T"C:\In\Output.xlsx" /P109 /1 1 /210 /3 32 /6TRUE


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