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Fast Software

Our file conversion software allows for the saving and restoring of complex 'conversion jobs'. Specify the 'conversion job' within the Windows scheduler, our softwares scheduler, or the command line. 

C:\>Working sample.bat files included with every install.

Powerful Command Line

Command line capability is fundamental to ALL of our software tools. Demo batch files are installed ready for testing and modification.

Easy to use
File Conversion Features

Moving or deleting files while converting documents is no problem at all. This allows for easy, unattended conversion of whole folders. 


'Diff Doc' - Compare Files Software Tool

Diff Doc

Compare Word/Excel/PowerPoint, PDF, Text, RTF and HTML
  • Comprehensive document comparison. Compare files of all types PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT, HTM, XML. Retains document formatting.
  • Edit the documents within this application and refresh manually.
  • Comparisons are quick and easy. Easily navigate differences.
  • Compares text from any application.
  • Paragraph differences are highly detailed. Customize the red-lining.
  • Both Side By Side and All In One views are supported.
  • Run it from the command line for automation.
  • The best document comparison tool you've never used...till today!
'Convert Doc' - A Document Conversion Software Tool

Convert Doc

Document Conversion
  • Supports document conversion of PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT and more.
  • MS Word or Acrobat is NOT required.
  • Exptionally fast conversion of PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT and more.
  • Choose between using our own conversion or MS Word's conversion algorithm.
  • PDF Format supported. Highly accurate PDF to Word Conversions. Conversion to PDF/A-1b supported.
  • Digitally sign PDF.
  • Schedule unattended conversion jobs at regular intervals (time or calendar based).
  • Move or delete the input files after processing.
Convert Excel with 'Convert XLS'

Convert XLS

Excel Conversion and Manipulation
  • Convert Excel, CSV and TXT files to many different file types.
  • Copy specific sheet data or a whole set of worksheets from the same or different workbook. Specify ranges.
  • Append specific data of a named sheet from a whole folder of workbooks to a single sheet.
  • Run from the Command Line or batch files.
  • Copy entire worksheet (including formatting) to the same or different workbook, and specify location within the workbook.
  • Change cells value or formula.
  • Numerous Excel/CSV/TXT special processing methods.
  • Execute Excel Macros, allowing for endless possible functionality.
Text to Excel Wizard - Convert Text to Excel and CSV Utility

Text to Excel wizard

Convert Text to Excel and CSV Files
  • Powerful, fast, recipe driven, and very easy to use. Process huge number of files with similar table structures (but with different data).
  • Eliminates the possibility of human error when moving data from text to CSV/Excel.
  • Command line has been made so simple anyone can use it with no training at all.
  • Automatically reads text reports, and creates CSV or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets files.
  • Three methods to handle all text to Excel file conversions (Profile, Recipe and File Marking).
  • Generating a new report with different data is a single click process.
PDF to Image Conversion

Convert PDF to Image

PDF to Image File Conversion
  • Supports over 20 image file types. Convert PDF to TIFF, Convert PDF to JPG, Convert PDF to BMP etc.
  • Image manipulation routines for resizing, filtering and much much more.
  • Command line (Invisible at runtime) and GUI execution.
  • Easy to use. Fast file conversions.
  • All parameters, including source and target files as well as conversion options etc. are persistent across runs of the program.
'Convert Image To PDF' - a document conversion tool for images

Convert Image to PDF

Image to PDF File Conversion
  • Supports BMP, TIFF, JPG, GIF and many more. Convert Tiff to PDF.
  • Command line (Invisible at runtime) and GUI execution. Complete flexibility, complete power. Scheduler included.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Save and restore complex conversion configurations.
  • Supports over 20 image file types. Convert TIFF to PDF, Convert JPG to PDF, Convert BMP to PDF, etc.
  • Batch can be stopped midway and resumed at a later time.
Convert Image - document conversion software for images

Convert Image

Graphic File Conversion
  • Convert images of many types including TIFF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, ICO, CUR, ANI, WMF, RAS and J2K.
  • Manipulate images by using special effects or filters.
  • Rotate, resize, flip, shift, perspective, skew, twirl and more.
  • Batch can be stopped midway and resumed at a later time.
  • Save and restore complex conversion configurations.
  • All parameters, including source and target files as well as conversion options etc. are persistent across runs of the program.
  • Command line (invisible at runtime) for automating conversions.
Convert Document To Image Software

Convert Document to Image

Document to Image Conversion
  • Supports over 20 image file types. Convert Doc to TIFF, Convert Doc to JPG, Convert PDF to JPG, etc.
  • Convert to PDF or PDF/A-1b, OSI.
  • Special processing on files including appending, removing empty lines, launching third party apps, search and replace.
  • Format the document, page and paragraph before conversion to an image.
  • Command Line

Our Customers

Softinterface Converter customer IBM

Great customer service, prompt attention to our requirements and lightening speed development has been my experience with the staff at Softinterface Inc.

We like the product. It is fast and accurate. It seems to pick up all of the differences in the documents, and it does a good job of displaying those differences. We like the easy to use interface. That is why we bought it!"
Richard M. Baker (LexisNexis) 

Softinterface Converter customer Adobe

We look forward to using your product... 


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Utilities to compare files and convert documents

At Softinterface, we offer powerful document conversion and file comparison tools for the most widely used file types. PDF, Word, Excel, Text, CSV, HTML, JPG, TIF for example. Built for ease of use, power and maximum flexibility, our tools will help you streamline your workflow by automating repetitive tasks in your workplace.

Why Do I Need Document Conversion Tools?

Very often you've just installed a particular software package but can't access the data because it is not in the required format. You need a conversion tool that will change your file from one type to another. That's where we can help. We've developed file conversion and manipulation tools for documents (such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML and XML.), spreadsheets (XLS and XLSX), images (TIFF, JPG, BMP and GIF) and text files (TXT, CSV).

Another reason is that you have two software applications that need to communicate but can't due to different file formats. Converting files from one format to another will solve this problem. Automating this conversion of files is exactly what our tools were designed for. Use the command line with any of our tools for quick integration.

Why Document Comparison Software?

Today people use different kinds of document types all day long to collaborate and work together on projects across all industries. These files can be modified by the original author, or by colleagues. Detecting differences in small files can be relatively easy. However when the files become larger and more complex, detecting changes can become more difficult. That's where our software comes in handy, making detecting changes a simple one. 'Diff Doc', the world's first comprehensive document comparison tool, was built to compare files of all types including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, RTF, Text and more. This is very important especially with legal and accounting documents. The length and complexity of real estate mortgage documents are a classic example of how small changes in very large documents could have serious implications. With our tool at your side there won't be any worries.

Automating the Office Drudgery?

Do you find yourself doing a document comparison or document conversion in the same way day after day? Perhaps you have so many files that you need to compare or convert that doing it one by one is simply not reasonable. In both of these situations, using well-designed software technology can enhance your productivity. Automate your workplace by removing repetitive tasks from your workflow.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1999, SoftInterface has been delivering high quality, time-tested software to our customers with ongoing product enhancements. Oh, did we mention the  30 day money back guarantee on all of our products?

Softinterface Most Recent Product Improvements

July 2024

  • 'Convert XLS' Enhancement: Special Process 118 (Delete empty rows from sheet). Users can now specify multiple sheets.
    This is especially useful when users are not sure how many sheets of data a workbook will have.

June 2024

  • 'Convert XLS': Enhancement: Special Process 116 (Change cell contents). Users can now specify multiple sheets.
    This is especially useful when users are not sure how many rows of data a worksheet will have.

May 2024

  • 'Convert XLS': Enhancement: Special Process 107 (Remove specified rows or columns in Excel file). Users can now specify last used row(s) or column(s) by using a negative number.
    For example to remove the last row/column use: -1
    To remove the last 3 rows/columns use: -3
    To remove rows/colums 3-10, 20-30 and the last row/column specify: 3-10,20-30,-1

March 2024

  • 'Convert XLS': Complete documentation rewrite for clarity and readability.

July 2023

June 2023

  • All Windows software from Softinterface: Moving a licenses between two computers with Windows 11 was failing.

February 2023

  • 'Diff Doc- Document Comparison': PowerPoint file comparison had a glitch related to Notes. The file/comparison had to be reloaded several times before working. 

January 2023

  • 'Office 2022' compatibility for all Softinterface apps completed.

June 2022

  • 'Convert Image' demo Conversion Job files were updated.

February 2022

  • Windows 11 compatibility, all applications

December 2021

October 2021

  • 'Diff Doc- Document Comparison': "Folder Comparison: Documentation for folder comparison has been greatly enhanced. A step by step guide on how to import the folder comparison report into Excel has been added. Further, the report contents are broken out and highly detailed removing any confusion." Mike Lowe ('Diff Doc' customer).

June 2021

  • 'Convert Doc': When selecting certain user interface controls, the user interface would hide the Advanced Options button. An Options button has been added for those times when advanced options do not apply.

May 2021

December 2020

  • All Products: Registration issue resolved. Users who are attempting to upgrade options (e.g. Professional or Server upgrade) and already had registered all users were running into problems. The newly purchased options were not being implemented.

December 2020

  • 'Convert XLS': Special Process 111 was not properly being shown in the user interface.