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Here are some examples of command line usage.  Additional examples and a full discussion of using the command line can be found online in the documentation

NOTE: A mistake most commonly made when constructing a command line is confusing the file type constants for SPECIAL PROCESSES and the file type constants for CONVERSION (switches /F# and /C# for original and target file type constant respectively).  Be certain you are using the appropriate constants. The documentation contains the constants.

Job Description

How It Does It

Command Line

Convert a CSV file to an XLS file using 'Convert XLS's built in conversion algorithm (MS Excel is NOT required). Specify original file (/S E:\TryMe.CSV) type as CSV (/F6) and the target file (/T E:\Tryme.XLS) type as XLS (/C-4143).  Use the 'Convert XLS' conversion method (/M2). ConvertXLS /SE:\TryMe.CSV /F6 /T E:\Tryme.XLS /C-4143 /M2

Convert a semicolon delimited file to a comma delimited file

Specify original file type as csv (/F30); run special process 75 (/P75) to replace a character.  Character to replace (/1) is ASCII character 59, a semicolon.  Replacement character (/2) is ASCII character 44, a comma.

ConvertXLS /F30 /S"E:\TryMe.txt" /T"E:\Output.TXT" /P75 /1 59 /2 44
Convert whole folder of CSV files to PDF with formatting. 1. Clears a template.xls of data, file which has formatting in it.
2. Copies csv data to template.xls
3. Converts template.xls to a pdf
See downloadable with batch file and sample files..


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