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Word Doc DiffTM

(File Compare Software)

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Need MS Word/Excel, PDF, Text, RTF or HTM file comparison?  See the 'Diff Doc'tool also.

Folder Compare. Compare files with WordDocDiff

Word Doc Diff is a file compare and folder compare program.  The comparing of Microsoft Word/Excel/PDF/WordPerfect in addition to HTML, RTF, and TEXT files is encountered often in all industries making this a very worthwhile tool to have at your fingertips.  

(Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 64 & 32 bit)

We bundle both Word Doc Diff and 'Diff Doc' together since some prefer Word Doc Diff over 'Diff Doc'.  'Diff Doc' can retain formatting and is much more user friendly, however Word Doc Diff can compare larger files faster and does not retain formatting.  We suggest you first look over 'Diff Doc', then if you feel it doesn't meet your needs, try Word Doc Diff. To see a comparison chart of 'Diff Doc' vs. WordDocDiff click here.

WordDocDiff Features

  • Supports Microsoft Word/Excel/WordPerfect documents as well as:
  • (*.HTM) Hyper Text Markup Language
  • (*.RTF) Rich Text Format
  • (*.TXT) Text File 
  • (*.ASC) MS Dos Text with Layout 
  • (*.ANS) Text With Layout 
  • (*.MCW) Word For Macintosh 
  • (*.WPS) Works for Windows
  • Paragraph differences are highly detailed
  • Compare Excel Files and specifying sheet number(s), rows and/or columns to use.
  • Compare files by running from the command line, enhancing your existing version control
  • HTML Reports allow for printing and/or e-mailing results quickly
  • Adjust the comparison point using either:
    • Row Alignment
    • Row swapping
  • Find Text In Files feature allows you to search all files for text.  Whole directories and subdirectories can be searched.
  • A key feature of this application is that it uses separate threads allowing for responsiveness while comparing files or directories.  Thread priority can be set from IDLE to TIME_CRITICAL
  • Compare criteria remains intact across runs of the application. (file history listings, and compare options)
  • Compare Directory Data can be saved to a tabbed delimited file which is easily imported into Excel
  • File Compare Reports can be generated.
  • Includes the Mini-Diff™ tool
  • Compatible with WorldDox, and any other document management software that supports 3rd party file comparison applications through the command line. Click here for details.


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Folder Compare. Compare files with WordDocDiff

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"Thank you for providing a compare files product that saves me time, gives me the details I need, plus you seek feedback in order to improve your product - all at a competitive price!" Mario Lopez, CSOFR Word Doc Diff

Typically users first compare folders, as shown above, to see what files have changed.  Then they simply double click changed files (highlighted in red) to do a detailed file compare.   

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Display a Diff (Diff is short for 'file comparison') in one of two views.  The "Side By Side" view above, or the "All In One" view shown below.

File Compare Diff Shown All In One

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"A GREAT PIECE OF WORK...."  Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Vanier Shane - Senior Project Officer. Word Doc Diff

You can create reports for each of the main functions of this program.  Also, you can run this application from the command line allowing you to extend the functionality of existing applications.

For extremely different files, Word Doc Diff has two alignment features to provide meaningful comparisons.  First, you can line up certain rows/paragraphs in case there are large spacing issues.  Second, for rows/paragraphs that have been swapped within the modified file, you can swap them back while doing the compare.  Both alignment features are retained in the HTML report that can be created. 

Last, the Mini-DiffTM tool shown below is built in (also available as a separate stand alone product called 'Diff Doc').  Mini-Diff allows you to copy and paste text from any program and do a quick diff on it.

Mini Diff

Compare software packaging

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Your products are very impressive, easy to use and script compatible, for what we desired in the management of MS Word and Excel files. Thank you for your continue contact with me in regards to these tools. Mark Purinton EMC Corporation  'Diff Doc'  + 'Convert Doc'

"WE like the product. It is fast and accurate. It seems to pick up all of the differences in the documents, and it does a good job of displaying those differences. We like the easy to use interface. That is why we bought it!". Richard M. Baker

File Compare"Great customer service, prompt attention to our requirements, and lightening speed development has been my experience with the staff at SoftInterface Inc. Within a few hours of installing the WordConverterEXE product, I was convinced that I made the right choice in doing business with this company.

For several months now, their product has been working in mission critical environment flawlessly. With a few enhancement requests that were completed and delivered the same day they were asked for, WordconverterEXE has saved us time and money.

It was a pleasure dealing with your team. Thanks Again!"

IBM Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Bruce King


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