Option Details-Product Upgrades/Maintenance


 Product Upgrades/Maintenance

We are constantly improving our products.  To benefit from our continual efforts please select the '1 year of product updates' option.   This will allow you to upgrade your product any time you wish for the year to come.   NOTE: You will not be able to upgrade after 1 month if you decide not to purchase this option.  Purchasing this option at a later date will be more expensive then ordering it now.

If 13 months have passed without having a valid Product Upgrades/Maintenance subscription, customers must purchase new license(s) to get the latest version.

What improvements have we been making lately?  It is easy to check from within your program by going to the 'Help\Product Updates' menu item.  It will take you to our web sites 'Revision History'. 

After the 1 year subscription expires, we will notify you allowing you to upgrade again.

Click here to see what improvements we've been making to this product.

Note: To receive general support, Softinterface requires the software be being used is 3 years old or newer.




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