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Server Licenses

If you are installing our software on a Server or using our software over a network, please select the Server Upgrade option. Bottom line, if you are installing it on a server or accessing our software over a network you MUST order the 'Server Upgrade' option.

 NOTE: Running our software on a server allows you the right to 'wrap' our software with your own.  At this time, SoftInterface applications must be run on the PC they are installed on, not remotely from a PC elsewhere on a network.

Example Order:  Say you are going to have 10 computers running our software with the following configuration:

    7 on Windows 10

    3 on Windows 2016 Server

For this configuration you would select 10 User Licenses and add the 3 Server License Upgrades.

The number of Server License Upgrades must never exceed the number of User Licenses.




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