Option Details-Enterprise Edition


'Convert XLS' Enterprise Edition

Want to convert 500%-1000%1 faster than is possible using Excel? Include this option if you want the ability to convert2 without the need for Excel to be installed. 

The enterprise edition allows for converting to/from a fixed width text file (while also specifying the width of each field).  Within 'Convert XLS' this is known as the:

"'Convert XLS' Conversion Method"

  • Lightning fast

  • Does not require MS Excel to be installed

  • Fixed Width to XLSX, XLS, CSV, HTM, XML file conversion

  • XLSX, XLS, CSV to Fixed Width Text file conversion

  • Specify double quotes in the CSV output, or not

1Results vary and depend on CPU speed/load, memory and available RAM.  Tests conducted on a Pentium IV, 3.2GHz with 1GB of ram saw a 1000% reduction in conversion times.  For slower CPU's and lower memory expect even greater performance.

2Be certain to try before you buy to be certain it meets your specific conversion requirements. The trial version is fully functional. We like happy customers!




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