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Free Licenses for Helping us Translate our Website/Software (see below)


Switching or Adding Languages in 'Diff Doc'

'Diff Doc' allows for the selection of language by using the View\Language menu item.  From here you can select any of the languages available.  You must restart the program for the language setting to take effect.

Adding or modifying a language is as simple as editing a Language File and placing it in the Languages Folder.  The Languages Folder is located at the installation folder and is usually:

C:\Program Files\Softinterface, Inc\DiffDoc\Languages\

Typical Language File names are shown below:

      Japanese-'Diff Doc'.txt

      German-'Diff Doc'.txt

Notice that the name of the file is very important, because 'Diff Doc' looks at all file names in the Languages Folder to build its available Language File listing.  The Language File name has the following format:


So to add a language, copy an existing language file, rename it, then edit it.

The Language File has the following format:

"English Word","Translation of English Word"





There cannot be any spaces between the English and Translated versions.  That is the following will not work:

"English Word" , "Translation of English Word"

"Ok" ,"Si"

"Without", "Sin"

Free Licenses for Helping us Translate our Software


Get free software licenses for helping us professionally translate our software (amateurs need not apply).  The following items are required for a new language to be introduced:


Translation Task


Number of free licenses

Language File

Translate the NewLanguage.TXT Language file located in the "Languages" subfolder.


Manual Translate the manual.DOC file to the new language. 5
Web Site Translate the appropriate HTML pages on our site.  1 per each HTML Page.
Miscellaneous conversion items Each application may have certain resources that require translation.  Please inquire for details. 1+


  • The granting of the license(s) is given once we ensure the quality.

  • Please check the Language File Archive (Below) for existing Language Files


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 for more info.