Compare Files X - Diff ActiveX Features!

  • A key feature of this diff component is that it runs on a separate thread allowing the end users application to continue functioning in a responsive manner.  Thread priority can be set from IDLE to TIME CRITICAL.
  • Report creation is built in (HTML, Text, and CSV)
  • The code required to integrate this component in an application is very small.
  • Many compare attributes are persistent across running of the end users application automatically.  This means that the compare criteria remains intact across runs of the end userís application. Persistent items include:


DirShowOnlyInMaster , DirShowSameInBothPlaces,  DirShowDifferentInBothPlaces DirDoSubDirectories DirSource DirMaster DirFileTypes



FileIgnoreCase FileIgnoreWhiteSpace FileIgnoreEmptyLines FileQuickCompare FileSource FileMaster




  • Compare or Diff data can be saved to a tabbed delimited file which is easily imported into Excel.
  • The DirCompareCompleted FileCompareCompleted  DirCompareStarted, FileCompareStarted, and OnError events provide programmers with real time information.
  • Demonstration source code for this Compare ActiveX can get your project up to speed fast!